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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Fresno River Rises and Falls.

We live in beautiful area of Central Calif. They say we have been in a drought for many years. The last time we had a rain like this was 1997. Just before we moved up here.. Thankfully, our house is not in any danger, but we have some land which we call the island. This is just a part of it, and most of it has been underwater for weeks.
At some time in the past, a neighbor that has land about 1/2 a mile from us, off the dirt road, put a cargo container on the side of the road.  The river came up, and swept up the container, and carried it about 4 miles down the river, until it settled on rocks.
It is pretty amazing to see what water can do.. We are fortunate, we live in hilly ground and water flows down and so the water to Hensley Lake. Many miles from us... Wonder if we had a boat we could scoop up all the wood we had stacked for our fireplace, that is now water soaked and in someone else's yard or floating in the lake.                      
However, most of our trees look like this all wrapped with wood, grasses, and wire from fencing. Much of it about 6 ft up the trunks.
As we watch T.V. and see the flooding in other areas of Calif. we feel very lucky to have our home high and dry.. We hope that no lives will be lost. Nature does it's thing and has a mind of it's own.
Good day for quilting.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

2008 Valentine quilt.- Stash

I promised a full view of the quilt.. So very glad that I put a label on  this wall hanging.  I made it in 2008 and the plastic Hearts I attached were from the local Casino. That year they were taking free photos of people and their loves, and gave away the large plastic hearts.  I remember we had a buffet brunch and have a very nice photo of us to enjoy.  As you can see there are wonky stars, love to make these, squares I had collected but had not put with them to good use and  reduced of my red fabrics. 

I am looking at my stash. I see lots of ladies have wonderful ideas on what do to with small pieces of fabric.. I plan on making an I Spy quilt this year, so looking at some of the fabrics that would work well.  Started out with the animal box, cut out a few pieces and gave a bundle to the cuddle quilts.  Must do this when in the mood to separate emotions from fabric.. .that lasted till I got distracted.

Today it is supposed to rain again.  
The water has gone down a bit, and I will show photos of what is left of our "island" area in another blog.  All the green area is now full of sand and the llamas area closer to the house again because of the mud in their feed area..  More photos later.    Enjoy your day of quilting, the sound of rain and perhaps in your areas snow.  

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Yes, it is Valentines..

I usually miss celebrations, I anticipate them, I sometimes plan for them, but then they pass too fast.
One year I made a Valentine wall hanging. Because someone gave me a couple of these hearts. Too cute to throw away. And what to do with them?..
Sew them on a quilt.
This is one of the blocks..
Maybe I should take a photo of the whole quilt? 

In the mean time have a fantastic time with Valentines Day and your special Valentine.
Hi hubby, the sun is shining, it is a beautiful day and I love you,
Happy Valentine.
yes, he gets my blogs on his computer!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Susie Monday's I pad class

I am taking an on line class from Susie Monday. She is in Texas.  And I must say she has all the patience needed for this class.. I am probably one of her worst students. Because I get frustrated when things do not go the way I think they should.. But I love the results and am determined. I think up things in my head and then have trouble putting them down with Apps. Lots to choose from. . However. this is great fun, and so much learning. 
Most of the time I switch between my PC computer, my I pad, where all the work gets done and if I get a bit crazy I email photos of the issue with my I phone. Isn't that just too much tech stuff for a lady that will be 75 this year! And then feel guilty because I am not in my studio making a quilt.
 However, bottom line, I could print this on fabric, or something on fabric, that is one of my goals. Here is Susie's web page, have fun looking at that.www.susiemonday.com
will try to write more on this topic, if there is an interest....  let me know...

Thursday, February 2, 2017

In the Studio

Yoyo's, my art quilt ladies, have a retreat every year in Cayucos.. The 6 of us rent a house from Mon. thru Fri.  We have challenges, but some how most of us look past the rules.  And done is a good thing. I am staying home because my dear husband has shared his "Bronchial " cough with me. I decided to finish, Memories of Cayucos. And I received the entry for Best of the Valley Quilt Show
botvquilts.com/entry.html. It has been a long time since I had anything showing.  They do accept small quilts, so thought this was the perfect opportunity. 
While I was taking photos, my cat Peaches decided to check out what I was doing. 
I know fish aren't really in the sky, but had a design I wanted to put somewhere,, maybe they are flying fish? 
Now to finish the entry and get that in the mail!

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