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Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas and New Years 2018 is on the way

We picked up this charming snow ball and brought him home. He sings every time we pass him on the front porch. Jingle Bells, in  squeaky little sounds, but makes us laugh.  We don't have snow this year and looks like we might have blue sky today.
It has been a bit gray for the last few days.. Many are stuck inside with snow piling up.Which children look at with anticipation. And some parents think, lots of wet clothes for the laundry. Just join in the fun and forget the wet results.

Friends and family come to cheer and share the day... Lots of ham, turkey and chatter between bites.
We remember Christmases past while we enjoy the moment.  Of all the Christmases you had, which one was the most important, and what gift do you remember most?
I think it is the people you are with, the music you heard and the people you hugged with sincere, Merry Christmas. This makes all the mad rush worth it.

Out of all the years, Won't say how many, the one gift that stands out is the time I was given a watch by my mother. I felt that I was so grown up at that time, while still a young teen. There are so many wonderful times and gifts, but the teen years seem to come back to us later in life.

The exceptional times, were when my dad flew in from some foreign country.. He was seldom able to visit at that time of year. So it was always a treat. My family came from Holland, and I had an Aunt that baked the traditional Christmas letter with almond paste on the inside. My mom  knew how to make a Lemon pie with that yummy meringue on top. I always had to clean  the silver serving dishes and set the lace table cloth. Special plates were set and everything had to be perfect. Almost too perfect. By the time the guests came she was exhausted, and even as a teen I was tired of all the preparations.
So in my adult life I tried to stay away from all the "perfection", and enjoy the event with less fuss.
I still love the beautiful plates, the candle light etc... but I would take friends, family and laughter first. Even with paper plates, and Pyrex plates to hold the food.  Enjoy the moment.
                               Merry Christmas, enjoy the moment, hug your friends and family.

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