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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving, from the early birds.

Happy Thanksgiving.. Our morning started very early.. The hall Fire alarm went off at 4 AM. In this area, 3 bedrooms, the attic access, and the hallway all converge.. We could not figure out which one was ringing. The sound was enough to wake the neighborhood, if people lived near.   So hubby went into the attic, then started checking all the rest of the alarms.. all the while it is screaming and our ears were hurting.  We put in all new batteries, even though they had been changed a couple of months back. Finally about 5, it quieted down to only one beeping periodically.. Hubby went right to sleep, and I read.. Finally I got up and into the studio, it was quieter there.
I want to make a baby quilt, so I started cutting fabric and making 1/2 square triangles in two sizes. I have all the paper goodies, which I found when searching for something else.. .Why not use them, one less item in the studio... are you asking what vision I have for this... Please don't, have no idea at this moment.  As you can tell I have the painted tiles on my work table also.. an empty frame is also on my ironing board which limits my work space. I have clean tuna cans, because I want to make some Pin cushions.  If I put things away I will forget what I want to make in the near future.
Do you just work on one thing at a time, or are you a bit crazy and work on several projects at once.
The tiles are for Christmas gatherings, won't mention where, never know who is looking at this blog.
Thanksgiving is a time to remember to be Thankful... and there is so much to be Thankful for all during the year. We should remember on a daily basis but reminders are good in our busy lives.  I am delighted that we have a special day set aside to gather with family and friends. But do we really need a special time? Isn't every time we gather together a Thankful moment?
My little  Christmas Cactus is flowering, brightly. Why am I so Thankful? Because it has never flowered before at this time. I love the color and it's magnificence. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, These will be moments that you cherish for ever.  Back to my projects a little more sewing and cutting and painting.. We are going to friends to share Thanksgiving Dinner.. Hope you are having a wonderful time and sharing with the people that are near and dear to you.

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