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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Mondays Eclipse -postage Stamps

Hope I don't get in trouble for posting the Solar Eclipse Postage Stamps.. These are really cool. If it is cool enough they stay as round dark circles, but when you put your finger on them they change.

Hope you can see the difference.   I like to buy the smaller packs of stamps. I am almost out of the Banana Split/ Ice Cream.  Hubby loves Banana Splits. I also bought some stamps honoring Mississippi Music . Because I was born there.  They  have a variety of sports balls on stamps, and they have a texture. So if you like a variety of stamps, be sure to ask to see the smaller packets.
I have no idea what it costs per stamp now since they don't put that on them.. Costs a chunk to send something anyway. So might as well have fun with them... They don't carry very many of the special stamps and they are the same price as the rolls. So if you see one that you like, better buy them.

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