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Friday, August 18, 2017

Friends- Now for Books. Authors Speaking about..

Isn't it fun to have creative Friends.. Last year I spent some time with these delightful authors at a book signing event in Coarsegold. My friend Vicki, had just finished her book and was doing book tours. The Long Dark Cloak. I purchased it for our Great Gran for when he gets a bit older. I enjoyed reading about the Mysterious Forest, and I won't tell what happens.. Vicki has now finished her second in the series, and is in the editing process. She will be part of Sierra Art Trails, so be sure to look her up in the catalogue. She is a marvelous watercolor artist also.

 I  read The Blood Stones by Krista Lynn. I can't wait for her next book either. I enjoyed this one because I like mysteries, and the desert.. The desert keeps so many secrets and reveals so much if you listen.  But am not going to tell on this book either... you need to come to the book signing and meet these delightful ladies and hear about their writing journey...

  Just finished one more wood hanging piece and working on another one for Sierra Art Trails.. I am lucky to have sold one last week, so this one  is now at Timberline Gallery.  Stop by and take a look.

  I use local wood, wrap with yarns, fabric, stamping, painting, beads and anything that moves, or calls to me to be added to the design. I have some business cards at the front desk be sure to ask for one..
Back to the studio.

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