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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Little of this and A little of that, fires, quilting and

Finally had a chance to get into the studio... We have been watching the fire  North & West of us, with an area that was burning South towards us.. It was about 19 miles West,  the smoke was blowing our way.. So scary as many friends in the Mariposa area were evacuated, and some families lost their homes, but Mariposa and several small cities were saved.. The fire is still burning, but not in our direction.  
We visited a friends home for dinner, and the surprise at the end was this beautiful cake for Ralph. Not even his birthday.  Needless to say it was chocolate inside also..  I can't remember the last time I  baked a cake, but this lady loves to bake, and cook. Everything she makes is delicious.. Perfect evening with friends.

 I know everyone has wonderful tomatoes at this time of year.   (For some reason my type changed.. Ok, I'll go with this.. Today my computer has been doing funny things anyway..)  Back to the tomatoes.We have 3 plants, beautiful plants from Costco at the beginning of the summer.. 3 for about $8.00. Healthy looking.. So I placed large tubs in 3 places around the yard. Because, maybe my previous tomatoes did not like the heat. We are pretty Dry here, and this year very hot!  104 expected today. I know for most, this is a small take, but we are excited and they taste so good.. 
Make it a great day, and stay cool... enjoy what ever you are doing. Off to the studio.. need to finish this piece.

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