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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Dedication of the Veterans Memorial at Ahwahnee Hills Regional Park

 Wednesday June 14th @ 10:00
This has been a big project that has gone on for a long time from the planning to completion.
There was so much to do.
Last minuet preparations now.
Many of the trees in the mountains have been dying.  It has been very sad to see this happening because of the beetles.  But the Griswold Mountain Detachment 1121, Marine Corps League, have made good use of the chips.. This is all in preparation for the Dedication of the Veterans Memorial at Ahwahnee Hills regional Park on June 14th. This area started out with just the one 40 ft. pole with the POW and American Flag.. the area will now have the 5 Service Flags on separate poles,  5 benches, and wheel chair access.  This project has been a hands on for many in the community, thru donations, and sweat labor,  and the generosity of Companies, Service Groups, Boy Scouts, just too many to make note here... However, be sure to come by for the Dedication, or stop by if you are in town. It is just 5 miles out of Oakhurst on the way to Mariposa on  Highway 49.
Yes, I will add a photo when it is completed, and if I remember during the Dedication.

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