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Monday, February 6, 2017

Susie Monday's I pad class

I am taking an on line class from Susie Monday. She is in Texas.  And I must say she has all the patience needed for this class.. I am probably one of her worst students. Because I get frustrated when things do not go the way I think they should.. But I love the results and am determined. I think up things in my head and then have trouble putting them down with Apps. Lots to choose from. . However. this is great fun, and so much learning. 
Most of the time I switch between my PC computer, my I pad, where all the work gets done and if I get a bit crazy I email photos of the issue with my I phone. Isn't that just too much tech stuff for a lady that will be 75 this year! And then feel guilty because I am not in my studio making a quilt.
 However, bottom line, I could print this on fabric, or something on fabric, that is one of my goals. Here is Susie's web page, have fun looking at that.www.susiemonday.com
will try to write more on this topic, if there is an interest....  let me know...

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