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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My I phone holder

To start out with something changed and had to search how to get on my blog to add photos etc. I guess if you snooze you lose.  I got a new phone, the I phone 7 plus... truly I should have stayed with a flip phone, but.. one has to keep up with the new, even if it is mind boggling.  So with a new phone, and a new purse for winter. I had to  make a new container for my phone... Yes, I hang it from my neck and the newer ones are very light.. So some jeans material.
A little lining, upholstery material, 
And a stencil, bias tape, and Velcro to keep it closed and safe.. I just can not add something to my back pocket as the kids do with their phones,, also don't want to drop it in the toilet as some of my friends have done.  This way I can put it in my purse, or hang it around my neck and I know where it is. 
We have been busy, after the rains, lots to do with wood that has come down the river, mud where the llamas are, so straw had to be spread out, and we bought large pads to lay the Alfalfa on. That way it did not get muddy or wet, even though that area is covered...

Those pad are very heavy, took lots of tugging and pulling to get them in place, and it started to rain, and was muddier.  We really needed to take showers out side with all the mud on us.. but it was too cold...
Now we have bronchitis, hope everyone out there is well and enjoying their sewing. Will see what the next project is... Also taking an I pad class on line from Susie Monday.. so if you don't hear from me for a bit... you know where I am... deep in the I pad with art. I will post some of the fun.

Misty our brown llama says, Hi, with a mouth full of grain!


  1. I switched to an iPhone 6 months ago. It took a while to adjust, but now I find that I text all the time, and it really is easier than it had been with the flip phone. There's a learning curve, but I think I can finally say, "I like my new phone." Hope you have the same experience.


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