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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017, What did you do for New Years?

I had a craving for  "fresh" Crab. I looked up on the net how to clean and take a crab apart, and it turned out to be really easy.. a bit messy, but over the sink and trash can it worked out just fine. Suggestion after healthy medical reports is to eat more salmon, and I just threw in the baked potato. Can't be too healthy. Yummy!
Don't you just love this dish,, the set has all sorts of wonderful designs.. That would make a great quilt block.. Not my dishes, but had a wonderful brunch at a friends.
Yes, I finally made it into the studio.. found some fabric that I had stamped and printed on, and some coordinating hand dyes that I had in the stack. I really have a big stack. I wanted to make a
zipper pouch.. Now you would think it should just take a few min. well an hour.  But, I did not have directions, I did not want to cut the bag down, because I liked the fabric. It is about 12 in. X 4 in., lined with hand dyes also.. well it took me about 2 days.. Here is the reason: I have a handful of long zippers and I did not know if I could sew over the plastic zipper feet after I cut it..I  looked on my I pad for how to shorten zippers. I got all sorts of answers, but not what I was looking for. So after getting lots of ideas on how to shorten, how to make, what to call it, quilting instructions etc.. BY the way is does have some batting , and it is quilted. I got back in the studio and just did it.. Yes, I could sew over the zipper. Now, what can I use this for? Any suggestions?  Can you believe, I started out with the Idea to have a change purse.. What am I going to use this  one for?  too Big for my purse and small change.. think I will check out the Dollar Store for a small change purse.. but I really want a quilted one! Maybe next time I am in the studio.
How did your New Years go? Have fun, or fall asleep early! BY the way, is there anyone out there? Do  you have any suggestions for what you like to read in the New Year? PS, waiting for a roofer, any roofer at this point!  Just found a leak into the master bedroom, and think it is under the swamp cooler.. also, weather man says that it is supposed to rain for the next 10 days...!!! Help!


  1. I am out here and love reading your posts. Love the bag - orange is my favorite color.

    1. Hi,, so great to hear from you, Sharon.. I will be posting my blunder of yesterday... glad to have velcro in my "junk" box!


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