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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My I phone holder

To start out with something changed and had to search how to get on my blog to add photos etc. I guess if you snooze you lose.  I got a new phone, the I phone 7 plus... truly I should have stayed with a flip phone, but.. one has to keep up with the new, even if it is mind boggling.  So with a new phone, and a new purse for winter. I had to  make a new container for my phone... Yes, I hang it from my neck and the newer ones are very light.. So some jeans material.
A little lining, upholstery material, 
And a stencil, bias tape, and Velcro to keep it closed and safe.. I just can not add something to my back pocket as the kids do with their phones,, also don't want to drop it in the toilet as some of my friends have done.  This way I can put it in my purse, or hang it around my neck and I know where it is. 
We have been busy, after the rains, lots to do with wood that has come down the river, mud where the llamas are, so straw had to be spread out, and we bought large pads to lay the Alfalfa on. That way it did not get muddy or wet, even though that area is covered...

Those pad are very heavy, took lots of tugging and pulling to get them in place, and it started to rain, and was muddier.  We really needed to take showers out side with all the mud on us.. but it was too cold...
Now we have bronchitis, hope everyone out there is well and enjoying their sewing. Will see what the next project is... Also taking an I pad class on line from Susie Monday.. so if you don't hear from me for a bit... you know where I am... deep in the I pad with art. I will post some of the fun.

Misty our brown llama says, Hi, with a mouth full of grain!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Zippers! Not again- Rain and River.

Hand dyed fabric, this was white on white with butter fly's. See how nice the designs come out when hand dyed.  Ok, first step, gluten for punishment.. try again.  I found a little purse I could copy. I thought.
I quilted the fabric, then put in the zipper, and then could not close it, pulled and tugged, then got my Rotary Cutter out... and cut it off.. dove into my Velcro mess.
Guess this needs sorting. But I found some.  AND
Finished!  It closes, keeps the change in and best of all Finished.  I think I need a class in Zippers!
Another day shot!  But I did disengage all the Velco, and wrapped them on a the cardboard inside of a  paper roll. PS, I watched  UTube, do you realize how much time that takes up!

It has been raining a lot up the in the mountains and here locally,

This is our lower field, Ralph is standing in an area that we  have to drive over to this other area of our land. The river is usually on the far side.  This is so different from the land one of our neighbors has further up the river, she has all rock and fantastic waterfalls.. we have mostly sand, with several, what we call islands.  Our house is up the hill behind where I took the photo, our only concern is that if the water rises, it washes out fencing for our llamas', that happened one year and we had to move the fencing away from the " creek" over run... or the water on this side. In the summer this is all dry.. hard to believe.  It is beautiful and a bit noisy right now.. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017, What did you do for New Years?

I had a craving for  "fresh" Crab. I looked up on the net how to clean and take a crab apart, and it turned out to be really easy.. a bit messy, but over the sink and trash can it worked out just fine. Suggestion after healthy medical reports is to eat more salmon, and I just threw in the baked potato. Can't be too healthy. Yummy!
Don't you just love this dish,, the set has all sorts of wonderful designs.. That would make a great quilt block.. Not my dishes, but had a wonderful brunch at a friends.
Yes, I finally made it into the studio.. found some fabric that I had stamped and printed on, and some coordinating hand dyes that I had in the stack. I really have a big stack. I wanted to make a
zipper pouch.. Now you would think it should just take a few min. well an hour.  But, I did not have directions, I did not want to cut the bag down, because I liked the fabric. It is about 12 in. X 4 in., lined with hand dyes also.. well it took me about 2 days.. Here is the reason: I have a handful of long zippers and I did not know if I could sew over the plastic zipper feet after I cut it..I  looked on my I pad for how to shorten zippers. I got all sorts of answers, but not what I was looking for. So after getting lots of ideas on how to shorten, how to make, what to call it, quilting instructions etc.. BY the way is does have some batting , and it is quilted. I got back in the studio and just did it.. Yes, I could sew over the zipper. Now, what can I use this for? Any suggestions?  Can you believe, I started out with the Idea to have a change purse.. What am I going to use this  one for?  too Big for my purse and small change.. think I will check out the Dollar Store for a small change purse.. but I really want a quilted one! Maybe next time I am in the studio.
How did your New Years go? Have fun, or fall asleep early! BY the way, is there anyone out there? Do  you have any suggestions for what you like to read in the New Year? PS, waiting for a roofer, any roofer at this point!  Just found a leak into the master bedroom, and think it is under the swamp cooler.. also, weather man says that it is supposed to rain for the next 10 days...!!! Help!

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