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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving, from the early birds.

Happy Thanksgiving.. Our morning started very early.. The hall Fire alarm went off at 4 AM. In this area, 3 bedrooms, the attic access, and the hallway all converge.. We could not figure out which one was ringing. The sound was enough to wake the neighborhood, if people lived near.   So hubby went into the attic, then started checking all the rest of the alarms.. all the while it is screaming and our ears were hurting.  We put in all new batteries, even though they had been changed a couple of months back. Finally about 5, it quieted down to only one beeping periodically.. Hubby went right to sleep, and I read.. Finally I got up and into the studio, it was quieter there.
I want to make a baby quilt, so I started cutting fabric and making 1/2 square triangles in two sizes. I have all the paper goodies, which I found when searching for something else.. .Why not use them, one less item in the studio... are you asking what vision I have for this... Please don't, have no idea at this moment.  As you can tell I have the painted tiles on my work table also.. an empty frame is also on my ironing board which limits my work space. I have clean tuna cans, because I want to make some Pin cushions.  If I put things away I will forget what I want to make in the near future.
Do you just work on one thing at a time, or are you a bit crazy and work on several projects at once.
The tiles are for Christmas gatherings, won't mention where, never know who is looking at this blog.
Thanksgiving is a time to remember to be Thankful... and there is so much to be Thankful for all during the year. We should remember on a daily basis but reminders are good in our busy lives.  I am delighted that we have a special day set aside to gather with family and friends. But do we really need a special time? Isn't every time we gather together a Thankful moment?
My little  Christmas Cactus is flowering, brightly. Why am I so Thankful? Because it has never flowered before at this time. I love the color and it's magnificence. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, These will be moments that you cherish for ever.  Back to my projects a little more sewing and cutting and painting.. We are going to friends to share Thanksgiving Dinner.. Hope you are having a wonderful time and sharing with the people that are near and dear to you.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Crazy time of the Year- gifts for gatherings.

Finally made it to the studio. I thought I would play around with some Alcohol Inks.  It is fun. Taking this little piece to the gallery today for the  Gift Room, and then want to see Lura S. Smith  at the meeting and demo. at Gertrude School on rd. 600, Sierra Western Artists.
Have the perfect little frame for this painting.. also painted some tiles, but will photo later. Then need to get busy with baby quilts for 2 great grans.

"Where are the Hens" sold at the Madera Circle Gallery and know it went to a very good home. Know they must love chickens and roosters as much as I do.

Aztec Woman also sold at Timberline Art Gallery in Oakhurst. Several of my decorated branches have sold recently. I have some new pieces at the gallery now.

My hubby's son will be visiting in Jan. He is a pro at Internet, and all Social Media, and I have lots of questions for him, and planning to selling some of my art on line.. Just in the planning stage now.
But will let you know when I get it together...  This is the sort of commitment I need to make to myself and to the wonderful friends that have asked, why I don't have Etsy and other web sites.
Lots of goals for this year..
Tomorrow will be my birthday, some say it is a special date in ones lifetime. Yes, anytime you are happy, healthy and have great friends, is a special time.. Just have to tell those that are younger, the train seems to run faster as we get older. But did I listen when my parents told me that? That is the nature of the human being. Do your best, live your life to it's fullest, enjoy the moments with friends and keep  planning what you enjoy and then do it!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Sierra Art Trails is a Memory Now

Sierra Art Trails was great fun as always.  I was at the YLP Clubhouse with Janet, Leislie and Diane. Abigail Boatman  was the Student artist with us.. It is always fun to see a budding artist charm the visitors. 
I had a few small items, some were new this year. Colorful jewelry, and the hand painted wall switch that you see.  I will be making these available for order. So be sure to contact me if you are interested.

I still have a few Bamboo hand dyed socks available. The photo is not great, be sure to contact me if you are interested in some very soft women's socks. 
Want to thank everyone who attended Trails. There was a bit of a change and we were in the Library, instead of the main room. But we did stay open till 8 P.M. for the dinner crowd at the Blue Heron.

Remember to visit Timberline Gallery in Oakhurst for some Halloween Goodies in the gift shop. And our beautiful art, and meet the artist on the day you visit.  Open 10-4 for winter hours.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Playing with Paint.- experimenting -

Ok Experimenting with painted fabric.. it was so humid that it looked like it was raining under the glass.
Cheese cloth and white cotton, Geranium leaves. Better dry them out next time, but I sort of do things, spur of the moment.
I have something in mind for this,, but probably will not get done before Sierra Art Trails Starting Sept. 29th. at Yosemite Lakes Clubhouse.    Busy with jewelry, and something else that is new..
Does not look like much here.. but these socks are so soft. They are drying after I dyed the green and yellow.. Someone asked me why most of my art is Blues, Purples, Yellow, Pinks, etc.. So I dyed some yellow and deep blue socks.. great fun..  I also have blue/pink combinations. Be sure to stop by and enjoy the art at the club house.. There will be 5 artists there.   More to get done before next week.
I am dreaming of a quieter time, and some basic quilting... yes, just blocks.. and you heard that from me.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Update- still Smokey

There is beauty,, one  just has to look closely to find it.  Our little Silk Tree has some lovely flowers on it.. taken with my macro attachment on my I phone.
Back to the studio... dyeing some silk scarves.
Quilt meeting is cancelled for Thurs. evening. The Red Cross is using the building for their rescue efforts..
 Friends in Florida that we are concerned about.. they were going to go to Tenn. but the roads are jammed with cars.  Like California,, there are not many choices of highways to evacuate on and gas is sparse.   The roads all sort of funnel into one at some point.. They have lovely friends offer them shelter in Houston.
Guess they are on higher ground.. Hope everyone is safe, from fire/ flood/ and wind.. this is a challenging year.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Sierra Art Trails Reception Saturday cancelled until a later date due to smoke. - Fire in the Mountains

 Oakhurst is full of smoke. It has been a very scary several weeks for many in our area. Friends are still in danger and homes have been lost to the fires.. There are 4 burning at this time in our area. The firemen are amazing, working long hours and threatened with falling timber, flames and smoke. 
Many friends have been evacuated. We are hoping that they can go home soon.
Schools have been cancelled today due to smoke.
And the Reception for Sierra Art Trails that was scheduled for Sat. has been cancelled. Watch for the new date.
The exhibit however has been hung and I hear it is beautiful, as always. If you are in the area stop in.
This is all due to smoke. 
We were listening on our scanner all week-end, and yesterday as it got closer to Oakhurst the scanner quit. Those things are temperamental.  
Coarsegold is still full of smoke, but in the afternoon the wind from the valley clears some of it out for us. It is still hot, over 90. 
I am busy trying to get items completed for Sierra Art Trails. I will be in Yos. Lakes Club House this year. I will have some prints of my art quilts. David Hoffman took the photos for me and I am sure you will enjoy them. 
Hope all of you are well and happy. We send our love and prayers to Texas.

Don't forget the Ag Show Reception in Madera at the Madera Circle Gallery, on September 14th starting at 5:30. Amazing art and a fun Reception. 
Chat soon... thanks for popping in..

Friday, August 18, 2017

Friends- Now for Books. Authors Speaking about..

Isn't it fun to have creative Friends.. Last year I spent some time with these delightful authors at a book signing event in Coarsegold. My friend Vicki, had just finished her book and was doing book tours. The Long Dark Cloak. I purchased it for our Great Gran for when he gets a bit older. I enjoyed reading about the Mysterious Forest, and I won't tell what happens.. Vicki has now finished her second in the series, and is in the editing process. She will be part of Sierra Art Trails, so be sure to look her up in the catalogue. She is a marvelous watercolor artist also.

 I  read The Blood Stones by Krista Lynn. I can't wait for her next book either. I enjoyed this one because I like mysteries, and the desert.. The desert keeps so many secrets and reveals so much if you listen.  But am not going to tell on this book either... you need to come to the book signing and meet these delightful ladies and hear about their writing journey...

  Just finished one more wood hanging piece and working on another one for Sierra Art Trails.. I am lucky to have sold one last week, so this one  is now at Timberline Gallery.  Stop by and take a look.

  I use local wood, wrap with yarns, fabric, stamping, painting, beads and anything that moves, or calls to me to be added to the design. I have some business cards at the front desk be sure to ask for one..
Back to the studio.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Mondays Eclipse -postage Stamps

Hope I don't get in trouble for posting the Solar Eclipse Postage Stamps.. These are really cool. If it is cool enough they stay as round dark circles, but when you put your finger on them they change.

Hope you can see the difference.   I like to buy the smaller packs of stamps. I am almost out of the Banana Split/ Ice Cream.  Hubby loves Banana Splits. I also bought some stamps honoring Mississippi Music . Because I was born there.  They  have a variety of sports balls on stamps, and they have a texture. So if you like a variety of stamps, be sure to ask to see the smaller packets.
I have no idea what it costs per stamp now since they don't put that on them.. Costs a chunk to send something anyway. So might as well have fun with them... They don't carry very many of the special stamps and they are the same price as the rolls. So if you see one that you like, better buy them.

Sierra Art Trails.. .busy time of year... Come see artists Sept.29-Oct. 1.

Just want to give you plenty of time to put this on your calendar.. I will be at Yosemite Lakes Clubhouse in Coarsegold, with several other artists... more about that as it gets closer to the time.
But for those who plan ahead, these are the dates.. The catalogue can be purchased on line or at Timberline and many other locations around Fresno, Oakhurst etc. and certainly from the artists.  More later, off to the studio today.!

Friday, August 11, 2017

entry done! Where are the Hens?

Just a small section of "Where are the Hens". Detail work almost completed.  Entry and accepted into the Madera Ag Show..  This one was fun. Lots of hand dyed fabrics, and commercial fabrics, buttons, and beads Hope he makes you smile... Reception at the Madera Circle Gallery is September 14th Starting at 5:30. There are some amazing art pieces, from Jewelry to oils and everything in between.  Music and lots of artists to meet. Come join in the fun.  For those that are further out... this is Central California, near Yosemite.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Little of this and A little of that, fires, quilting and

Finally had a chance to get into the studio... We have been watching the fire  North & West of us, with an area that was burning South towards us.. It was about 19 miles West,  the smoke was blowing our way.. So scary as many friends in the Mariposa area were evacuated, and some families lost their homes, but Mariposa and several small cities were saved.. The fire is still burning, but not in our direction.  
We visited a friends home for dinner, and the surprise at the end was this beautiful cake for Ralph. Not even his birthday.  Needless to say it was chocolate inside also..  I can't remember the last time I  baked a cake, but this lady loves to bake, and cook. Everything she makes is delicious.. Perfect evening with friends.

 I know everyone has wonderful tomatoes at this time of year.   (For some reason my type changed.. Ok, I'll go with this.. Today my computer has been doing funny things anyway..)  Back to the tomatoes.We have 3 plants, beautiful plants from Costco at the beginning of the summer.. 3 for about $8.00. Healthy looking.. So I placed large tubs in 3 places around the yard. Because, maybe my previous tomatoes did not like the heat. We are pretty Dry here, and this year very hot!  104 expected today. I know for most, this is a small take, but we are excited and they taste so good.. 
Make it a great day, and stay cool... enjoy what ever you are doing. Off to the studio.. need to finish this piece.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

"My Personal App" quilt is back home-Presentation at Oakhurst Community Library

Home again!, "My Personal App" has been traveling with a group of quilts for the last 2 years.  Last place it was exhibited was France.  But now it is home again.

I will be speaking on "From the Traditional to the Art Quilt" on July 15th. at 10:30 -1200 at the Oakhurst Library in the Community Room.   I will have many of my Traditional quilts as well as the Art Quilts.. I look forward to questions and chatting about quilts. I also do lots of fabric dyeing, and enjoy the fun of Ice Dyeing.  Look forward to sharing ideas. You don't have to be a quilter, this is another form of art.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Still the 4th.. busy fun day, quilting!!!

Yes, I was at my sewing machine today, what fun, too hot outside.  I made a red, white & blue  journal cover. I will have a variety for sale at the Farmers Market in Oakhurst on this Thursday evening. Jacqueline Kurtt Fiber Artist and I will be there to tell about Timberline Gallery, and show a few art items that we make.

Happy 4th of July and maybe a little quilting

Have a wonderful safe 4th. of July.. Being Patriotic has been a memory for all of my life. Long story, but I was brought up having Parents whose roots came from Holland. Not just their roots, but born there, and my "mother" immigrated here in her 20's. My Dutch father was a teen in the Dutch military in WWI and defended Holland, then continued until he retired after WWII from the Dutch Air Force. During the war the Dutch with Americans defended Australia and other countries. To speed this up, I was adopted, in 1942 when the Dutch were stationed in Mississippi.  So I was born American. Much later in my life I found my biological family, and that is a blessing to have  brothers and family in  that State. But recently a friend that belongs to the DAR researched and found that many of my relatives fought for the Independence of America.. So my Patriotism goes way back.
I tear up every time I see a Parade, our flag held high, and feel so blessed to live in this country. Yes, we traveled to many countries and thankfully, always came back to the U.S.A. So I celebrate with much love for this country.  Happy 4th. Blessings for All..

Monday, July 3, 2017

Agave, close up

Some of you have been following the Story of the Agave Plant on my Facebook.. This is a close up of the flowers, which I thought would open with a white color, but I was wrong.
This is what the lower ones look like now, Several of them have bent from the weight.  The whole stalk seems to be about 15 ft. high, hard to tell because it is on a slope.
This is how it started in March... Check out on my Facebook for more photos.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Dedication of the Veterans Memorial at Ahwahnee Hills Regional Park

 Wednesday June 14th @ 10:00
This has been a big project that has gone on for a long time from the planning to completion.
There was so much to do.
Last minuet preparations now.
Many of the trees in the mountains have been dying.  It has been very sad to see this happening because of the beetles.  But the Griswold Mountain Detachment 1121, Marine Corps League, have made good use of the chips.. This is all in preparation for the Dedication of the Veterans Memorial at Ahwahnee Hills regional Park on June 14th. This area started out with just the one 40 ft. pole with the POW and American Flag.. the area will now have the 5 Service Flags on separate poles,  5 benches, and wheel chair access.  This project has been a hands on for many in the community, thru donations, and sweat labor,  and the generosity of Companies, Service Groups, Boy Scouts, just too many to make note here... However, be sure to come by for the Dedication, or stop by if you are in town. It is just 5 miles out of Oakhurst on the way to Mariposa on  Highway 49.
Yes, I will add a photo when it is completed, and if I remember during the Dedication.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day 2017 Celebrate with Friends and Remember

Yesterday we were working again at the Memorial at Ahwahnee Park, Calif. Hubby had given me a set of lenses that could be clipped on to an I pad or I phone. This is with the I phone. I don't know how I would get the whole circle.. But it is interesting.

Hope everyone is celebrating and remembering all those that gave their all, so we can enjoy our Freedom. We have an amazing country, and we are blessed to live here.

The Dedication of this Veterans Memorial will be Flag Day, Wed. June 14th. Everyone is invited, and suggest bringing your own chair and head cover. It will probably be hot. We will have some pop up tents available. Starting time is 10 AM.  please come early so that you can be seated at the time it starts.

We still have items that need doing. The Tiger grass for the center should start next week, Electrical should be finished, although the Service Flags have their own solar light. Some tractor work is needed.  Wood chips are being donated, and those need to be spread after  grading is completed..

 Grass cutting so people can park their vehicles. Since my hubby is the point person. I go to bed worrying about the due dates and completions. Many of men from the Griswold Mountain Detachment 1121,Marine Corps League, Oakhurst have spent a lot of time working at the location, spraying weeds, clearing rocks, laying and staining cement with the Clampers and putting the benches together.  The Boy Scouts have donated 4 benches to the projects. They also learned to lay cement and build the benches.  So many people, Service Clubs, and Company's have donated time and work for this project. This is a lovely spot to just sit and relax, remember or just enjoy the nature of the area.

When we were there yesterday, several people drove into the park, because they saw the flags flying.
They are delighted to see the new Veterans Memorial in the park.

Have a wonderful day with your family and friends.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

SIerra Mountain Quilt Guild... Oakhurst Ca.

My friend Diane Ward, was busy yesterday helping set up her display at Sierra Mountain Quilt Guild Show in Oakhurst at the Community Center.  Be sure to stop in and say hi, and see all the gorgeous quilts.  Of course, we have Venders, and lots of places to shop... and food, naturally. So much more.

SMQA has a Quilt Show every 2 years, and this is the first time in a long time we have been in town to attend... oh, yes I do have a few small pieces in the show also.. I work all day (10-4) tomorrow Sunday, so hope to see you!  Be sure to take a look at the Opportunity Quilt, a ticket will be picked Sunday .. I gave out all my postcards to I don't even have a photo... but believe me, I am going to buy more tickets tomorrow. All goes to a good cause, we make many people happy with the quilts that are given away during the year.. and too much more to add.  Moneys also is used to bring teaching speakers to the meetings, for us to learn new techniques.  We welcome new and experienced ladies and gentleman to our  first of the month Thurs. evening  guild meetings. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sitting Timberline Gallery today.. Wed.

 A wall at Timberline Gallery,, My fiber piece Reflections. Hand dyed whole cloth in the center, Stenciled leaves and Machine Quilted.
To the left is a sculpture by Chris Sorenson, Pelican. Below my fiber piece, is a Giclee by Zygmund Zee, named Abandoned and at the bottom is a gourd by Gretchen Lee, Seasons of a Dogwood.
Timberline Gallery, has a large assortment of art work, we just changed out the gallery with new pieces. I could list all that we have but want you to come in and see for yourself. 

It is a beautiful clear day in Oakhurst, cool breeze, few fluffy clouds,  a perfect day to explore galleries and enjoy some of our local restaurants. Stop on by, open 10-5 every day..

Each artist works the gallery at least once a month, check out our Web page to find your favorite artist and when they would be sitting the gallery.  Stop by and visit. Learn how an artist approaches their type of art.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Yosemite Western Arts Exhibit at Circle Gallery- Reception

I have a small fiber piece in the Yosemite Western Arts exhibit. The exhibit was initially in Oakhurst, and now is at the Circle Gallery in Madera... I have a previous commitment, so I can not attend the opening.  Sure hope you can. Amazing artistry! I am an artist with the gallery, and displaying, hand dyed scarves, a gourd, and a small wall piece besides the entry into the show.

Great opportunity to meet the artists. Madera Gallery is known for wonderful Receptions with yummies to munch on.
Address: 1653 N Schnoor Ave #13, Madera, Ca.  www.Maderaarts.org. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Lavendar and Jelly - Sunday at the Goddess Festival

Well, Sunday, I took my hubby to the Goddess Festival after Breakfast.  We walked around and looked at all the booths.  He does like doing that and asking questions about the artists work.. We met a man with Indian background that had the most beautiful paintings.  My hubby loves Eagles. We have had some interesting experiences with them. We discussed technique and he paints with an air brush.. they are beautiful, sorry did not get his card... Just wish we had some wall left in the house. Oh, yes, we are that point of not down sizing but clearing and organizing... more about that some other day.

This was a play day.. I asked where the Lavender Lady's Booth was and delighted to know she was there. She will also be at the Farmer's Market in Oakhurst on Thurs. evenings..

All right, yes, I bought some delicious Jam. The suggestion was to use the Spicy Lavender Apricot Jam on pork or chicken... First thing I did when we got home, defrost the pork... Oh, yes, very good!!! Next will try it on chicken, just the right amount of Spice.  The other jam we bought was Lavender, White Peach Jam.  So good for breakfast! Or a snack during the day on a cracker. Need a bigger jar.
In the same booth, Fantasy Oaks, Lavender soaps & Bamboo & Sugar Cane,, Goat Milk Soap.  They will be sharing a booth together at the Farmer's Market on Thurs. Evenings. Don't miss them.

Goddess in the Garden, and my Writer Friends!

I really should have taken more photos, but maybe you will put it on your list for visiting Goddess in the Garden next year in Coarsegold -Ca.
Many of my friends were in attendance, Jewelry Artists, Singers, Lavender Jams ; Jellies, Psychic Readers.. And yes, there were lots of men and women walking around and enjoying.. Of course, I did not list all, like music, fantastic looking tents, ladies all dressed up and lots to buy.
My focus was on my writer friends. I never sit around and chat, and I was invited to sit with them for awhile on Saturday.  What fun to see these amazing ladies talking about their books.  You have met my friend Vicki Thomas, who is writing a series, about a young boy and his very special experiences in the Mystical Forest. The Long Dark Cloak- She is an amazing artist also, painting the cover for the book.
This is a photo at the book signing. 
Vicki and Sandra Masters, Sandra is the writer of The Duke Series, and many more books. She has a Facebook, so look her up.  These are Spicy Romance books..   covers are pretty seductive.
Cora Ramos, was showing her books and telling about being a writer. On the card that she gave, "Dance the Dream Awake", she mentioned that she also writes Spicy books. Krista Lynn is the lady with the beautiful Indian Necklace, and she writes about Supernatural, Romance Suspense.  "The Canyon Series". She is also a Graphic Designer.  Wow, these ladies do it all.. Amazing.

They are doing book tours all over, so am sure you can find out where they will be next.. I can give you one clue, the Christmas Boutique in Yosemite Lakes Park. Get there early for parking close, always busy... But if you don't want to wait, Try Amazon, or check for their Facebook's and get on their list of new books coming out.  Lots to chose from.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Yosemite Western Artists. Reception Sat. April 22.

Hope you can make it.. I have a little piece in this exhibit. Should be a fun time. Both Timberline and new Gallery 5 will be open with a variety of art, from the Contemporary to the Traditional. With a Special exhibit at Timberline by Photographer Wendy Denton.  Both galleries will be open every day, 10-5. Hope to see you there.  
Suns up, make it a great day!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Easter is right around the corner.

Timberline Gallery, well you all know about it, and that we have some fantastic artists. There is a YWA exhibition coming up,  and a quilt show in May.. Have my entries ready to go.. 

But, if you are looking for a gift to bring to a holiday gathering, be sure to check out the variety that we have to offer.. From beautiful wall art, to our little gift gallery, full  of inviting new surprises. Tourists are starting to come in, so do check us out before they take their new prizes home away from the mountains.. As you know all of our art is by artists that are local..  The painting above is a watercolor, and we have a new artist that paints with Alcohol Inks. Bright and beautiful..
Or you can pick up one of my hand dyed scarves to be bright and beautiful for summer. Too much more to tell at this time.
Gathered some small entries for the quilt show... if you want to see them in person. Mark your calendar for May 20th and 21st.    Check out Sierra Mountain Quilters web site.

My break is over and back to cleaning,, at least it is warming up and I can wash down the patios.
Hope you are having fun in your quilt studio, or art studio, or yard work,, you know what I mean. Make it a great day!!!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Taking a few moments from vacuuming.

Our gathering of "animals" at the pond. A Flamingo is the newest arrival..  but the raft with  the gorilla is sinking... look out, fish below!  The plastic ducks are still floating around, no big waves.  But as the sun shines more and there is less rain our "pond" is shrinking.
It sure is fun to have residents with humor on our road. Another rain is scheduled for later in the week. So everyone is busy spraying or weeding.  Riding mowers are the sound in the distance, clearing of weeds on the road way, trimming of tree limbs to prevent fires.  It is wonderful to have beautiful new growth and green trees. .but the weeds that I need to pull seem to be growing to the sky.  The beautiful wild flowers peek between the weeds.. I want the pinks and purple of the wild flowers, so hand pulling is the only way to save the flowering plants.   I can't see any of the beautiful
orange poppy plants we had in the overflow of the river.. They must have washed down stream during the storm... so sad. Hope they settle and sprout again to make someone smile. Looking to see if any have come down stream for us to enjoy... I guess they start out small, the ones we had had grown into bushes.. so beautiful.. How is your spring season coming along.. quilting?

Saturday, April 8, 2017

It is in France!

I was going thru some paper work and decided to check out where the Personal App Exhibit  is  now.
I found out, it is in France.. I think this piece will have more miles then I have gone recently.

What fun, don't you just wish quilts could talk and tell us all about their travels, who they saw, the comments, well maybe not all the comments. 

It is cold and rainy out today.. Glad we went to the Best of the Valley Show in Lindsay, yesterday. Although there was a time on the freeway where it was hard to see for the rain.  Lindsay is several hours drive from us. But hubby and I went then stopped for lunch and ran the usual errands in Fresno.

Beautiful show, fantastic quilts, venders, that I know. So that made it fun also. We saw my friend Cathy from YoYo's with her daughter Sandy.. Wonder if they bought anything? Her husband is making an amazing quilt, large and it will be all hand quilted... I hope next year he enters it in this quilt show.. I hate to tell ages, but he is over 80.. When he finishes it I want to show it on my blog, or maybe before, need to have her send me a photo of him working on it.. 
I would not tackle a quilting project that size, let along hand quilt it.. 
Enjoy the sun where ever you are!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Finally, some work in the Yard & Fun on River Knolls

The wind was not blowing this morning, so good time to get some yard art painted.. I sprayed with Rustoleum.  Hope it helps.. Found the metal quilt blocks at the Tractor store on Sale.. they really needed some touching up. Trying to decide, do I hang them on the gate or on the house, the barn doors to the studio... Although the plan is to paint the doors red also.. So maybe better on the gate.

At the corner of River Knolls and 415 highway, near the mail boxes, there is a little pond. Only in the winter.  But we have some fun loving inhabitants on our road.
This little to monkey was placed with his raft.
Ducky on the rock, "now where is my buddy?

There it is with family on a raft. On the rocks around the area sit, a plastic lizard, and a snake.
We have a very funny and decorative entry.. Hope you enjoy it also.

Love the reflection of our newspaper containers.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

THe Quilted Heart Book by Mona Hodgson

I want  to thank Bea Lee for offering this book on her blog and I won!

I am usually a Kindle person, but decided to join on Bea's and Mona's give away... Thank you to Mona Hodgson for sending your signed book... I am sure I will enjoy it..   She has written many other books. Check them out on Amazon.  Love receiving gifts in the mail.  Happy Reading!.

Wow, posting twice in one day.. Lots happening.. Taxes are done, 1 piece done for a show,, my list is going down, and tomorrow will think  of a dozen more to do... Happy Quilting!

Northern Calif. Quilt Council, Mountain Picnic -

This is one block from a pattern that my friend Kathy and I put together for a class at the SMQA guild in Oakhurst.   The gathering of NCQC is coming up in April and we will not be able to attend.

I have put together a simple notice that they can hand out to guilds that day. .Hope you will pick one up and contact me regarding a Presentation and Class.  The basket, has buttons, beads and embroidery.
My plan is to make a table runner with English Paper Piecing with Scraps, seems to be all the rage. And there is a second benefit. Clearing out some scraps with a goal in mind.
If you can not read this, you can contact me by leaving a message, at vivianhelena@sti.net.
Look forward to chatting with you...

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