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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

What happened to Halloween?

Yes, missed out completely,, but this is not for Halloween.  I started to clear out my closet of all the T-shirts that have a design.. Ok, let me digress.. T-shirt quilts are what started me in quilting.. My Significant other at the time, in the 80's, was a referee for International Wrestling. He had a ton of shirts from all over the country.. So I asked my friend how to make a quilt with T shirts... but when she showed me the quilts she was making, I joined 3 guilds in Orange Co. and took a side trip, sort of into the world of quilting.. and never looked back at the T-shirts.. I am reading a book that my friend Karen ( same friend from 3rd grade) suggested about "the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up".  So why not start with the T-shirts in the closet, summer clothes that are memorable, but not wearing.. I bought the backing for the shirts, and each day am ironing on and cutting to size, what ever size the design is.  I will add blocks, strips etc..  And I am stacking them in a box..thought I could make one with both our T-shirts it, but  I don't want to make it that big..  Don't laugh.. will be ready for a rainy day. By the way I am not starting this Tidying up in the studio.. too many other places in the house to work on that, but first have to read the book.. I might be doing this all wrong!

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