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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cancer Awareness Earrings,

It is that time of the year, most Women should be thinking about body checks.

I made these Cancer Awareness Earrings and put them in Timberline Gallery yesterday.  They are in my jewelry cabinet by the door.
If anyone would like to have some made for you, please contact me at my email or thru a comment on my blog.. 
One pair the ribbon at the bottom is pink metal with pink beads in the middle and the one on the right has little pink stones and sparkles with pearl beads in the middle.  There might be some differences in the beads unless I get to the gallery and pick these up before they are sold.  So let me know if you would like what you are seeing, and I will send them directly to you, or you can stop in the gallery and purchase them there. 
Make it a great day.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Religous Stole and Alter Cloths for Jenny

A good friend of mine, Jenny, is studying to be a Pray Practitioner with Animals. She is already a marvelous Minister and Practitioner at the Positive Living Center. But this is another of her specialties, because she can also talk with animals and do Past Life Readings with people, this makes this Special.  Jenny asked me to make a Religious Stole that she could wear at the times of prayer for cats and dogs.  One side has cat fabric, and the other side is dogs.

I also decided that she needed Alter Cloths for her cats and dogs.. So I surprised her with this one for dogs.

And another one for the cats.
As this expands I am sure we will have to find some fabric with other types of animals.
But for now this is a start. The  Alter cloths were like making 2 separate art quilts. I  made it up a I went along.
No pattern, although if someone wants a pattern, maybe I should create one.  I added the words by stenciling with fabric paint..

Jenny and I, studied Reiki with PLC Minister Bettina, teacher.   Now we can offer Reiki Sessions in addition to being Spiritual Thought Practitioners.

The Positive Living Center has many Practitioners available after 10:00 church services on Sunday or as needed in person or by phone or email.   We are located in Oakhurst Ca.

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