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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ice Dyeing and YoYo's gather for painting on Fabric.

Yoyo's gather in the cool of the morning.  Nancy, Vivian, Cathy R. and Kathy M, Photographer is Peggy.  We  had been collecting all sorts of items to paint, stamp and have fun with no any real direction. Just trying different techniques.  Stamping with egg cartons, plastic forks, & a variety of fabric paint. Cathy Reynolds hubby made her some wonderful stamps. Wooden blocks with small articles glued to it.. Looking forward to how that turned out. .

We were kind of in a rush, as the weather has been hot and we wanted to beat the sun to the shade side.
After the gals left and I was busy cleaning up the tables/ table cloths and putting away all that I had stacked up to work on the fabric.  I found two white pieces of PFD that I had not painted.

I Procion ice dyed them with the new Indigo Blue that I bought from Dharma.

Love this color, want to dye some more...
The photo did not come out as dark as it is in real life... Love this color, might just try a shibori design next time.

3 separate pieces ( below)of the fabric paint stamping. Planned to do some light colored pieces that I could cut apart and use in sections.. Items used, cut circles from pool toy, fork markings and circles made from aluminum tin for backing that had holes in it. The Dollar store is fun to search out objects to stamp with the paint. Best part, if there is a section I don't like, paint over it!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Silk Ribbon Emboirdery -Denim Shirt

I saw an entry to a Cloth, Paper etc.  Magazine and thought maybe they would be interested in this Silk Ribbon Embroidery, since that seems to be all the rage. But further examination of the entry process I saw the cost was $20.00 per entry, per photo, was how I read it.. So I decided to just show my Silk Ribbon Embroidery on my blog.
Many years ago hubby and I were traveling East.  He had a 10 day Wrestling Tourn. in North Dakota.
He was a referee for International Wrestling. After 51 years he finally retired.  But this year we drove to see the country. We had our dog with us and I stayed at the motel, because he had long days.  I drove to a near by Joanne's and bought some silk ribbon and supplies. (that was when I realized that every semi large town had Joanne's) And pulled out my denim shirt, relaxed in the recliner, (lucky to have that chair), and settled in to create this shirt front.

It has roses, leaves, and very tiny little bees between the flowers.  I picked pearl looking buttons and had a great time sewing the front and around the neck.

I can't tell you how many times this has run thru the washer /dryer, with no special care. So if you are thinking of doing this, get a good book on Embroidery, some silk ribbon and  enjoy some  hand work.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Car Show on the 4th.

We seldom go out for the 4th. Rather stay home and make sure there are no fires  near us.

My friend Sheila Boyd paints custom designs on cars, and trucks. She can paint on anything and any body.. Human bodies also.. If you have seen the inside of the stair case at the V.A. in Fresno.  She painted it from top to bottom, every floor.  It is amazing, with animals, fish, underwater etc. Stop by and look. Good reason to walk the stairs..

They also had this car at the show.. .so if you want your car, truck or what ever, even repairs.. Check with them in Oakhurst..He just fixed the door on my "older"Honda van.
Hope you are having a good day... I need to photo my fabric to see how my "rust" came out.. that will be the next installment.. Back to the studio! 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Changes, rushing by

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th.. It was quiet for us, but the major item was that we did not have a  fire in the area from Fireworks, until yesterday, not near us, but in our town.. and if you must have a fire,  and no one is hurt. That is a blessing.

It has been a wonderful few weeks. I finally had a chance to get some work in the studio done, some veggie garden area cleared up... and maybe more planting this week... although it is late. The heat here seems more intense.. but then it might be my age, or I move slower and there for not causing a breeze. Updated my computer to a 10, and have lots to figure out. A bit scary to say the least. And for some reason when I add a folder to my Pictures, it does not go in Alphabetical order, spent way to much time and still did not figure it out, If any one knows, please email me. The first time I opened it, I did not know where to go.. Although our fantastic friends at Divine Logic in Fresno, are always at hand to help. Now, If I could figure out the PNG and JPEG.. life would be so much easier.

I have been looking at rocks.. Had a stack delivered to make a "creek" area in the front planter section.  Thought the cats would keep out, but then it got hot and I still have the stack.. When it cools I will work on it.  In the mean time I started looking at some that I brought up from the river, and decided to paint on them. Great fun... am I procrastinating doing other things, probably. BUTTTT.

For years I have been collecting rusty items, some I have no idea what they are, but  kept them any way... SO today, I rinsed the fabric, wet it with Vinegar and wrapped it around the rusty stuff. And forgot to take photos of the process...  they are supposed to be wrapped in the plastic for 24 hrs.
I also read it is better if where you have them is humid... Well that is not here in Ca. Although the swamp cooler is on to cool the house..So the box, bags and fabric are in the laundry room where it is warm.. If I put them in the sun, they might dry out.. although I might do that for a bit tomorrow. I will post with photos tomorrow.. If I am not moving another wheel barrel of Dirt..

Planning to get back to some sort of schedule.. have been busy helping write articles and notices about Timberline gallery for the Chamber, Sierra Star, and also Sierra News Online.. So be sure and look for us there.. .not to mention Facebook also.
Planning to check in tomorrow.. PS. Painted rocks will be at Timberline Gallery tomorrow. 

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