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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

It is still February..Pioneer Women, Butter Dish.

Is it cute..??? Ok, it is really not my style, but then what is?  I am looking around our house and check out what we have, time to stream line,.. and I buy this cute butter dish at Amazon       
( surprise).  I was looking at my friends Pink Pincushion Blog.  Sinta is so prolific with her quilting, it is truly amazing, and she works full time! Check out her blog..But she showed this butter dish and several others dishes from the same maker.. I really don't need another piece of dish ware.
I used to think it would be wonderful to have a different set of dishes for themed meals. Italian with bright colors for Pasta, Mexican style for Tacos, lovely sweet flowers for breakfast with a lacy table cloth.
And then came paper plates, running, to work, picking up after school, and somewhere that all got lost.
As I look through somethings in the linen closet, I found an embroidered table cloth.. ok, yes it needs ironing. Something I reserve for fabric not clothes.  Why worry about dropping spaghetti sauce on it, the new spot removers are supposed to work, at least they say so on T.V.  And worse comes to worse, I could dye it... the big sin!, or cut it up the good parts for some quilt, make blocks etc..
But back to the dishes.. I have a set of Chicken decorated dishes, for fried chicken dinners.  Floral for breakfast, plain white for special settings that take a lace table cloth, and silver set.
and there are only a set of 4, and then
don't even remember using these.
No one wants dishes any more, it is paper and lasagna in a foil container
I am not complaining, just stating facts. That lasagna is better and less expensive then if I spent the whole day cooking.  I don't go to garage sales any more either.. stick to the studio!
Love the table cloth.. now off to iron it.. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Photo Booth, I pad "art"

Ok,, life ran off and spun me another way.   I am healthy and happy, just a bit overwhelmed with the I pad class and other commitments.  Partly because every time I sat down Life and Commitments got in the way. It was a bit crazy, and may I suggest if you take a class on the net. You take it step by step, as I should have done and hope you can make it a priority. Set the time aside! Lock your doors, and think "I am in a class room." and not allow disturbance. 2 of the Apps, did not work for me, and I thought it was my fault, which it turned not to be.. Onward..

So above is a photo I took with Photo Booth on my I pad. plants in the garden. It would make interesting quilting fabric. 
I did get a chance to go out and take some photos of a barn at a local park. Hubby and I need to take a ride, want more barn photos.
 However, you can tell this is not the barn.. We were to take our own photo with Photo Booth on the I pad, I think this one of me came out pretty good, at least the wrinkles did not show.

And the Marine Corp symbol on a whirly gig, also done in Photo Booth.  This is great fun.  Will show some more as I get a quiet moment..

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