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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas is closer, and my projects, well !

Merry Christmas!  
We were at the grocery and I saw beautiful Poinsettia plants. Since they don't grow in our area, frost etc. I thought this is my chance to take a photo and share
I love my IPad and need to take some classes.. but I changed the photo in Prisma App.
I know there are dozens of Apps with similar names so can't tell you which one, but there is a Triangle on the App.  So many choices and such fun.
We are trying to get wood in before the next rain. It has been cold and I won't light the fire till about 4. So it is layering time for clothes.
I did get into the studio to repair a flannel quilt that I love to lounge in at night, and dear friends sent lovely blue fluffy one last Christmas, that is so cozy also. 
Setting goals for next year, and planning to go to a 3 day quilt retreat here in the mountains, just to get something done and maybe the push that I need.. 
I saw a lovely week with nothing written in on the Calendar and made my list, HA, only some got done, but that is life. Some days we get lots done, and other times not so much, so relax and enjoy. 
Goal after all the turmoil with politics, is to take each day and enjoy it to the mostest....I know that is not a word, but it fits for now.. For those that are still stressing, smile, go with the flow, and let go of your anxiety, it might be better than you think..and enjoy your life, do for others as you can. Share positive, loving, caring thoughts. This is the Christmas Season, 2017 is coming and we need to meet it with a Smile.

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