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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ice Dyeing and YoYo's gather for painting on Fabric.

Yoyo's gather in the cool of the morning.  Nancy, Vivian, Cathy R. and Kathy M, Photographer is Peggy.  We  had been collecting all sorts of items to paint, stamp and have fun with no any real direction. Just trying different techniques.  Stamping with egg cartons, plastic forks, & a variety of fabric paint. Cathy Reynolds hubby made her some wonderful stamps. Wooden blocks with small articles glued to it.. Looking forward to how that turned out. .

We were kind of in a rush, as the weather has been hot and we wanted to beat the sun to the shade side.
After the gals left and I was busy cleaning up the tables/ table cloths and putting away all that I had stacked up to work on the fabric.  I found two white pieces of PFD that I had not painted.

I Procion ice dyed them with the new Indigo Blue that I bought from Dharma.

Love this color, want to dye some more...
The photo did not come out as dark as it is in real life... Love this color, might just try a shibori design next time.

3 separate pieces ( below)of the fabric paint stamping. Planned to do some light colored pieces that I could cut apart and use in sections.. Items used, cut circles from pool toy, fork markings and circles made from aluminum tin for backing that had holes in it. The Dollar store is fun to search out objects to stamp with the paint. Best part, if there is a section I don't like, paint over it!!!

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