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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Car Show on the 4th.

We seldom go out for the 4th. Rather stay home and make sure there are no fires  near us.

My friend Sheila Boyd paints custom designs on cars, and trucks. She can paint on anything and any body.. Human bodies also.. If you have seen the inside of the stair case at the V.A. in Fresno.  She painted it from top to bottom, every floor.  It is amazing, with animals, fish, underwater etc. Stop by and look. Good reason to walk the stairs..

They also had this car at the show.. .so if you want your car, truck or what ever, even repairs.. Check with them in Oakhurst..He just fixed the door on my "older"Honda van.
Hope you are having a good day... I need to photo my fabric to see how my "rust" came out.. that will be the next installment.. Back to the studio! 

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