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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Lost Empress- book by Steve Robinson

Periodically I share a book that I have just finished.. and came across this author which was rather timely. It was one of Amazons free books. And not really knowing what it was about, except that the cover was intriguing I "purchased" it.  I have not checked but there may be other books in a series. I am going to check.   However, then this happened.

At our gathering at Roger Rocka's playhouse, I was reacquainted ( she used to live in the mountain area) with a lovely lady, Nancy, that enjoys genealogy. More like her passion.

Many years ago I was looking for information on my biological family, and found my brothers in Mississippi. My friend Mary was very instrumental at the time. We went to the Mormon Church in So. Orange Co, to learn more, and then to the local government building.  She was able to trace her family and Mary found my brothers in Mississippi.  It all worked out wonderfully. So now I have a lovely family in Mississippi.

 The timing in life is very interesting.   I will write more about what is found as far as I am concerned, if there is anything interesting.

Just wanted to let you know about Steve Robinson's books.. I am going to get another one to see if that is just as fun to read.   I like light mystery's.  And summer is coming, it is already too hot here for my taste!

Enjoy your day, happy reading!

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