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Friday, May 13, 2016

My Personal App. And Variable Toile Stars

 Last year, I was asked to participate in making  a " Personal App." in fabric 36 X 36 in. with rounded corners.  Etc. I posted this photo on my blog before I sent it off.  I decided since I had the file open for paper work where quilts are traveling. I would email and checked to see where the collection was and where it was going.
It is fun to say the exhibit is going to Two Mancuso shows, and then off to France.
How exciting! 

In the mean time my quilt Variable Toile Stars, has come home after it's travels from Houston, to Oregon and then to Chicago. It has been traveling for 2 years.
I must show you how beautifully it was packed for the return trip home.  I am really impressed.
The box was the perfect size, wrapped with special tissue paper and rolled at the folds,  then sealed in a moisture proof bag. In addition the catalogue from the International Quilt Festival/ Chicago was included. A ribbon from the special exhibits, and a paper that said, Packed with Tender, Love, Care and white-gloved. with the signature of Becky and the date.  I was emailed with the date it left Houston, ( by the way it hung there also as part of the 500 Traditional Quilt exhibit). Tracking numbers and the date it was to arrive home. This included notices along the way..
I am very impressed, they were always prompt to send me up dates, to request first if they wanted to send it to other shows.. and of course, I have the pleasure of being in the book 500 Traditional Quilts.
I want to thank all the people involved that treat the quilts with such loving care.. It has been a pleasure and hope I have the opportunity to participate in other projects. 

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