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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Lost Empress- book by Steve Robinson

Periodically I share a book that I have just finished.. and came across this author which was rather timely. It was one of Amazons free books. And not really knowing what it was about, except that the cover was intriguing I "purchased" it.  I have not checked but there may be other books in a series. I am going to check.   However, then this happened.

At our gathering at Roger Rocka's playhouse, I was reacquainted ( she used to live in the mountain area) with a lovely lady, Nancy, that enjoys genealogy. More like her passion.

Many years ago I was looking for information on my biological family, and found my brothers in Mississippi. My friend Mary was very instrumental at the time. We went to the Mormon Church in So. Orange Co, to learn more, and then to the local government building.  She was able to trace her family and Mary found my brothers in Mississippi.  It all worked out wonderfully. So now I have a lovely family in Mississippi.

 The timing in life is very interesting.   I will write more about what is found as far as I am concerned, if there is anything interesting.

Just wanted to let you know about Steve Robinson's books.. I am going to get another one to see if that is just as fun to read.   I like light mystery's.  And summer is coming, it is already too hot here for my taste!

Enjoy your day, happy reading!

Friday, May 13, 2016

My Personal App. And Variable Toile Stars

 Last year, I was asked to participate in making  a " Personal App." in fabric 36 X 36 in. with rounded corners.  Etc. I posted this photo on my blog before I sent it off.  I decided since I had the file open for paper work where quilts are traveling. I would email and checked to see where the collection was and where it was going.
It is fun to say the exhibit is going to Two Mancuso shows, and then off to France.
How exciting! 

In the mean time my quilt Variable Toile Stars, has come home after it's travels from Houston, to Oregon and then to Chicago. It has been traveling for 2 years.
I must show you how beautifully it was packed for the return trip home.  I am really impressed.
The box was the perfect size, wrapped with special tissue paper and rolled at the folds,  then sealed in a moisture proof bag. In addition the catalogue from the International Quilt Festival/ Chicago was included. A ribbon from the special exhibits, and a paper that said, Packed with Tender, Love, Care and white-gloved. with the signature of Becky and the date.  I was emailed with the date it left Houston, ( by the way it hung there also as part of the 500 Traditional Quilt exhibit). Tracking numbers and the date it was to arrive home. This included notices along the way..
I am very impressed, they were always prompt to send me up dates, to request first if they wanted to send it to other shows.. and of course, I have the pleasure of being in the book 500 Traditional Quilts.
I want to thank all the people involved that treat the quilts with such loving care.. It has been a pleasure and hope I have the opportunity to participate in other projects. 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Common Threads Quilt Guild- Hanford Ca

Last evening Ralph and I had the great pleasure of giving a quilt Presentation in Hanford Ca.
Common Threads Quilt Guild is a delightful group of ladies, we laughed all the way thru dinner.
But let me start at the beginning.
Major storms were on all the news stations, and Highway 41 is having slow downs because of dynamiting of rocks on the area that is being widened.
 So we packed all the quilts in heavy plastic bags, which I always worry about because you can not see they are quilts and it looks like trash. But my clear or white bags were not big enough.
I labeled each bag with big blue tape so that everything was in order of showing.
And the rest of the items were put in the car also, projector, computer, extension cord, etc. Car loaded, lists checked.
And off we went a little early to be sure we met the ladies on time at Panera Bakery. We both love Panera. Good thing is it not up here in the mountains but close enough in Fresno also.
We arrived and only had a few sprinkles on the way.

There were about 9 ladies from the guild gathered around a table with me. We ended up laughing as the gal at the end did not hear my name correctly. So it became a fun joke, which followed thru to the meeting. And a lively discussion about which side of the room usually won with the raffle tickets. 

Going to dinner with a guild is one of the great pleasures of the evening, because it is an opportunity to get to know quilters personally. 
This will be a bit long, but excuse me, it was a delightful evening. Onward.

It was almost difficult to eat, because of the laughter and fun. If you are in a guild and have the opportunity to have dinner with the visiting presenter do it. I try to do that whenever a speaker comes to our guild.
Juanita offered to have us follow them to the venue, which made it easy. Did I mention that Juanita's husband goes to the quilt guild meetings also. So Ralph and Juanita's hubby were able to have a nice chat at another table.  The men were immediately put to work setting up the screen for the Power Point, and also some of the tables for the displays. Ralph runs my Power Point, is my chauffeur and does much of the carrying and that is a great help. He enjoys meeting the ladies and taking the kidding. I am lucky.
The Power Point behaved it's self and I showed and spoke regarding each quilt, taking questions from the audience. A couple points I try to make.

1. How important is it to take classes? You might think you know all the types of quilting, or the tools. But new ideas are always being demonstrated. In my 40 years of quilting, I always learn something new from a sharing teacher.

2. Sometimes we have speakers that don't do the style of quilting you do so you are not sure you want to attend... GO.. Again you will learn something or come up with an idea for a new quilt or how to finish a UFO and have a twist to it. You could also make a postcard to try it out the technique, see if you like it, and send that to a friend.

 If the speaker gives you the opportunity to ask HOW,  then ask.. When speaking to a group it is usually mixed with new quilters and the experienced. This was true last night.  I love sharing my quilts, photos of my studio and the variety of techniques. I started out as a oil painter, eons ago. And now with the  new paints anything is possible.

If you are ever in the Coarsegold, Oakhurst area, you can find me one day a month at Timberline Art Gallery. Call first to be sure I am in the scheduled day... Schedule can be found on the Timberline site. Last night I could not remember the type of paint I used on my shoes,  "Stuart Gill", an acrylic/fabric  paint that can be used on many surfaces, is an English Company and sometimes can be found at quilt shows.. expensive, but lasts and I love it.  But most acrylic paints would work, be sure to seal it with a clear spray.
Thank you Common Threads for a lovely evening.  PS, no rain on the way home!

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