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Friday, April 29, 2016

Fresno Chaffee Zoo- P.E.O. -GZ

Been to the Zoo lately? Chapter GZ in Oakhurst had more than 20 members and guests have a day at the Zoo.  We started out with a wonderful lunch over looking Gazelles, and Elephants. We had Jean Chaffee as our docent and she let us in on all the training and interesting stories regarding the animals and the trainers.  

Did you know that the animals have pedicures?  Well, not really but there are schedules where all the animals are touched daily, even their feet.  Yes, daily, so they get used to it, in case they have to have medicine or shots etc. This way they are used to people touching them and it is not a big surprise.

Wish my llamas would be that friendly, I think they are the most forgetful animals, unless I have a pocket of grain.  It was fun to watch the kids feed the giraffe's.  They have the longest tongue and it is split at the end..They giggled and laughed. Did not seem to faze the Giraffe's. 

View from our lunch area.   It has been years since we have been to the zoo. Fun to be a kid again. Yes, lots of walking. 
So if you are ever in the Fresno area.  Come see the Chaffee Zoo, check ahead to see if you can have a docent for your group.  And enjoy a relaxing day... I suggest going early, and when it is cool. There are lots of trees in the jungle area, but some areas are in the open. There were 18 bus loads of kids.  Parking is another reason to go early.  However, once inside we never knew they were there.  
Be sure to look at the paper work they give you with your receipt. Keeper chats are listed. I think one of my favorite was the Sea Lion Cove.. My hubby and I could sit and watch them swim under water for hours.. They just zipped around and between what looked like the sea bottom.. Great Fun!

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