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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Reading, Resting and Recouping

Is it a luxury to lay around and recoup, or does some sort of frustration creep in... I should, could, maybe not, but...
So on advice from lots of friends, I am walking around the house many times a day, sitting in the sun, for short periods, breathing deeply and trying not to see the items I would like to dig my hands into,, like the dirt, weeds etc.
Thankfully, I was reading this first of 3 books. It is by a German Author, and translated very well into English. The second in the series will be out in Sept.
I have read her other series, The Glassblower, Paradise of Glass, & The American Lady.
I like to read about strong women, their challenges, a touch of Romance,and about an industry I
know little about. How it started or the trials behind a product.. In the Glassblower it was about, just like the title says. Where and how life was for women in that time, and the strength it took to overcome a tough life and be creative.
Her new series is about simply bicycles. I have never had thoughts about  how they came about, how the women had to fight to be able to ride them. What some men feared as women took to the bike.

Liberty, Independence, and a new way of Life, the Threat to Mankind. 

We take so much for granted in our lives now, the pleasures we can have at our finger tips.
Speaking of Fingers:

I have not had long finger nails in eons. Not that I can not grow them, they just get in my way. Typing on the computer, etc.  I don't know how ladies do it.. Tomorrow, these get filed down. 
Slowly getting some things done, as the fog from surgery starts to clear. Hope to be in the studio soon!

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  1. I am glad you are recuperating nicely. I keep my fingernails cut off. They get in the way of my gardening and creative projects.


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