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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Love, Daisy Hearts

Love Daisy hearts!  Hearts can be used for any occasion. They are happy, thankful, caring and carry so many meanings of Love.
Tomorrow is a special day to say Thank you to ladies that have helped and supported me in my P.E.O. GZ Presidency.  I have had a wonderful time, but especially because this group of ladies are amazing.  So I decided I wanted something that they could keep and hopefully enjoy. Daisy's have special meaning to all the ladies. I found some on line and ordered the fabric.  Then drew out several size hearts, chose one, cut them out, batting and backing. Added ribbon for a hanger, stitched and later zig zagged around the edge. I took white fabric and held it over different fonts I had written on the computer, and traced the words with a colored Pentel  Permanent Pen.
Used some Misty Fuse to tack the fabric and lace down and stitched around it.  Added buttons and beads to finish. I hope they like them!
These make great gifts to lift a persons spirit, knowing that someone is thinking of them and wishing them well.. or as a Thank you. It is the memories that we make that make us smile.
Make it a great day.  

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