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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Art of Abstraction- by Trowsers Akimbo

Yosemite Western Artists has demonstrations once a month  at Gertrude School House.  And while I am recouping from the surgery, I thought I would sneak in the watch this demonstration. 
Trowsers Akimbo discussed and painted one of his Abstractions. Telling how he saw it and the influences from great artists.. Bill, as he is sometimes called, told about his history of becoming an artist, computers and who has been an influence on him and his artist life.
It was great fun to watch this true Master make decisions while the live model sat, and the rest of a full room of artists watched as he laid one bright wonderful color after another on the canvas..
Sadly, I could only manage to stay for about an hour, but it was such fun.. If you have never been to a demonstration at YWA, it is a fantastic group of welcoming artists, with lots to share. 

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