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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Photo Booth, I pad "art"

Ok,, life ran off and spun me another way.   I am healthy and happy, just a bit overwhelmed with the I pad class and other commitments.  Partly because every time I sat down Life and Commitments got in the way. It was a bit crazy, and may I suggest if you take a class on the net. You take it step by step, as I should have done and hope you can make it a priority. Set the time aside! Lock your doors, and think "I am in a class room." and not allow disturbance. 2 of the Apps, did not work for me, and I thought it was my fault, which it turned not to be.. Onward..

So above is a photo I took with Photo Booth on my I pad. plants in the garden. It would make interesting quilting fabric. 
I did get a chance to go out and take some photos of a barn at a local park. Hubby and I need to take a ride, want more barn photos.
 However, you can tell this is not the barn.. We were to take our own photo with Photo Booth on the I pad, I think this one of me came out pretty good, at least the wrinkles did not show.

And the Marine Corp symbol on a whirly gig, also done in Photo Booth.  This is great fun.  Will show some more as I get a quiet moment..

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