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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Computer class, new year, 1st Resolution

I am jokingly referred to as the " White Binder Queen".  Ok so, I made a binder for each class and retreat I have taken. I did not show the other book case, that would be embarrassing..  I am signed up for Susie Monday's Art with the I Pad on line class..  and that starts today... I am hyperventilating a bit over the challenge, just kidding, but am still of the "older" generation where if you hit the wrong key, you will kill the computer.  So taking this one step at a time.  Susie has been very patient with pre-class instructions and directions..
There is also a fun group of gals and lots to learn..  As you can see I just could not help myself, I made another binder!  Will let you know how it goes.. but thrilled to be participating.. Hope I am not thrown out with all the questions I might ask!

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  1. I'm an organizational freak, but not as successful or neat as your binders. These are great; and it's so good to be able to find what you're looking for. I'm ready to assemble the 20 blocks I made for our guild's "Shapely Challenge" and am pleased with my plan. The reveal is March meeting. It's been an at-home challenge working on the dining table and keeping the cats from redesigning what I'm doing. Belated Happy New Year!


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