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Saturday, December 31, 2016

December 31, At Home in Coarsegold, Ca.

As I look out our windows at the changing weather, I am reminded of the beauty that is around us. How thankful we are for the gift of nature and it's beauty.. Just last month this area was about 6 ft. deep in water. For the moment the Fresno River is running just behind that tree with rain expected in the next few days. We have a front row seat to see the wild water running towards the lake below. We are in such need of water in Calif. The sad part is that it is all sent to the ocean and not kept for the agriculture in our area not to mention the building that is going on in the Valley. But that is for another time..
New Years is for Gratitude, for planning and for sharing. Yes, we all make New Years Resolutions, mine, top of the list, to stay healthy.  We had some challenges these last couple of years. The other is to do the things from last years list.. .Yes, I kept that list!  Silly me.
I started with the Studio,  or a part of it..
Now this mess can be looked at 2 ways.. 1. Creatively, as most everything is exposed. 2. Total insanity, and can't find a thing or it takes me twice as long.                   
Well, I started to clear it up, and realized I want more of the little stacking boxes.. that might help. But Joanne's is 40 miles away, onward.
Progress, I found the top of the table... So now for the "quilting" area.  I found the top of that table also and my cutting mat, then got side tracked with looking for a project I knew was somewhere.. I won't bore you with those photos, but I did take out two trash bags of project photos I know I will never do. Gone are the days of the fancy vests, and I have several that are finished in the closet that have not been worn in eons.
Our cats Mustache and Peaches like to sit on this arbor about 8 ft. high. Great for sun bathing and a wonderful look out spot. I like to think they are looking to the future 2017. Their life consists of eating, sleeping, and enjoying life, as I see to most of their needs.. they in turn share moments of purring, love, and limited hugs.
As humans, we look to the future in various ways, what is planned for the next year, what will I accomplish, have I committed myself to too many gatherings? Love, Friendship,  "And so it goes", to coin a phrase a dear Dutch Aunt once said." How will I make this year different from last year?"  I love to look at all some ladies  on line that accomplish so much with their quilting, art and life, so  motivating. They must have  more hours than I do, or maybe they have a maid.. Thankfully, I am older and have "retired", but I did those things when I worked full time also.. That is a thought, there must have been more hours in the day when I was younger.
Do you have that issue also?

Thank you for Sharing, and look forward to hearing from you in 2017.
Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas is closer, and my projects, well !

Merry Christmas!  
We were at the grocery and I saw beautiful Poinsettia plants. Since they don't grow in our area, frost etc. I thought this is my chance to take a photo and share
I love my IPad and need to take some classes.. but I changed the photo in Prisma App.
I know there are dozens of Apps with similar names so can't tell you which one, but there is a Triangle on the App.  So many choices and such fun.
We are trying to get wood in before the next rain. It has been cold and I won't light the fire till about 4. So it is layering time for clothes.
I did get into the studio to repair a flannel quilt that I love to lounge in at night, and dear friends sent lovely blue fluffy one last Christmas, that is so cozy also. 
Setting goals for next year, and planning to go to a 3 day quilt retreat here in the mountains, just to get something done and maybe the push that I need.. 
I saw a lovely week with nothing written in on the Calendar and made my list, HA, only some got done, but that is life. Some days we get lots done, and other times not so much, so relax and enjoy. 
Goal after all the turmoil with politics, is to take each day and enjoy it to the mostest....I know that is not a word, but it fits for now.. For those that are still stressing, smile, go with the flow, and let go of your anxiety, it might be better than you think..and enjoy your life, do for others as you can. Share positive, loving, caring thoughts. This is the Christmas Season, 2017 is coming and we need to meet it with a Smile.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

All most Christmas

Marine Corp Birthday was in November and starts off the holiday season.  Some of the ladies are so very clever at putting Christmas baskets together.. not a talent that I have..

                                           But it sure sets off the Christmas Season

Spreading winter rye seed yesterday, that is not very Christmasy.. But the weather was right,  cold and foggy, now to wait for the promised rain. And hope the field turns green, the llamas will think it is Christmas.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

What happened to Halloween?

Yes, missed out completely,, but this is not for Halloween.  I started to clear out my closet of all the T-shirts that have a design.. Ok, let me digress.. T-shirt quilts are what started me in quilting.. My Significant other at the time, in the 80's, was a referee for International Wrestling. He had a ton of shirts from all over the country.. So I asked my friend how to make a quilt with T shirts... but when she showed me the quilts she was making, I joined 3 guilds in Orange Co. and took a side trip, sort of into the world of quilting.. and never looked back at the T-shirts.. I am reading a book that my friend Karen ( same friend from 3rd grade) suggested about "the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up".  So why not start with the T-shirts in the closet, summer clothes that are memorable, but not wearing.. I bought the backing for the shirts, and each day am ironing on and cutting to size, what ever size the design is.  I will add blocks, strips etc..  And I am stacking them in a box..thought I could make one with both our T-shirts it, but  I don't want to make it that big..  Don't laugh.. will be ready for a rainy day. By the way I am not starting this Tidying up in the studio.. too many other places in the house to work on that, but first have to read the book.. I might be doing this all wrong!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cancer Awareness Earrings,

It is that time of the year, most Women should be thinking about body checks.

I made these Cancer Awareness Earrings and put them in Timberline Gallery yesterday.  They are in my jewelry cabinet by the door.
If anyone would like to have some made for you, please contact me at my email or thru a comment on my blog.. 
One pair the ribbon at the bottom is pink metal with pink beads in the middle and the one on the right has little pink stones and sparkles with pearl beads in the middle.  There might be some differences in the beads unless I get to the gallery and pick these up before they are sold.  So let me know if you would like what you are seeing, and I will send them directly to you, or you can stop in the gallery and purchase them there. 
Make it a great day.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Religous Stole and Alter Cloths for Jenny

A good friend of mine, Jenny, is studying to be a Pray Practitioner with Animals. She is already a marvelous Minister and Practitioner at the Positive Living Center. But this is another of her specialties, because she can also talk with animals and do Past Life Readings with people, this makes this Special.  Jenny asked me to make a Religious Stole that she could wear at the times of prayer for cats and dogs.  One side has cat fabric, and the other side is dogs.

I also decided that she needed Alter Cloths for her cats and dogs.. So I surprised her with this one for dogs.

And another one for the cats.
As this expands I am sure we will have to find some fabric with other types of animals.
But for now this is a start. The  Alter cloths were like making 2 separate art quilts. I  made it up a I went along.
No pattern, although if someone wants a pattern, maybe I should create one.  I added the words by stenciling with fabric paint..

Jenny and I, studied Reiki with PLC Minister Bettina, teacher.   Now we can offer Reiki Sessions in addition to being Spiritual Thought Practitioners.

The Positive Living Center has many Practitioners available after 10:00 church services on Sunday or as needed in person or by phone or email.   We are located in Oakhurst Ca.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ice Dyeing and YoYo's gather for painting on Fabric.

Yoyo's gather in the cool of the morning.  Nancy, Vivian, Cathy R. and Kathy M, Photographer is Peggy.  We  had been collecting all sorts of items to paint, stamp and have fun with no any real direction. Just trying different techniques.  Stamping with egg cartons, plastic forks, & a variety of fabric paint. Cathy Reynolds hubby made her some wonderful stamps. Wooden blocks with small articles glued to it.. Looking forward to how that turned out. .

We were kind of in a rush, as the weather has been hot and we wanted to beat the sun to the shade side.
After the gals left and I was busy cleaning up the tables/ table cloths and putting away all that I had stacked up to work on the fabric.  I found two white pieces of PFD that I had not painted.

I Procion ice dyed them with the new Indigo Blue that I bought from Dharma.

Love this color, want to dye some more...
The photo did not come out as dark as it is in real life... Love this color, might just try a shibori design next time.

3 separate pieces ( below)of the fabric paint stamping. Planned to do some light colored pieces that I could cut apart and use in sections.. Items used, cut circles from pool toy, fork markings and circles made from aluminum tin for backing that had holes in it. The Dollar store is fun to search out objects to stamp with the paint. Best part, if there is a section I don't like, paint over it!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Silk Ribbon Emboirdery -Denim Shirt

I saw an entry to a Cloth, Paper etc.  Magazine and thought maybe they would be interested in this Silk Ribbon Embroidery, since that seems to be all the rage. But further examination of the entry process I saw the cost was $20.00 per entry, per photo, was how I read it.. So I decided to just show my Silk Ribbon Embroidery on my blog.
Many years ago hubby and I were traveling East.  He had a 10 day Wrestling Tourn. in North Dakota.
He was a referee for International Wrestling. After 51 years he finally retired.  But this year we drove to see the country. We had our dog with us and I stayed at the motel, because he had long days.  I drove to a near by Joanne's and bought some silk ribbon and supplies. (that was when I realized that every semi large town had Joanne's) And pulled out my denim shirt, relaxed in the recliner, (lucky to have that chair), and settled in to create this shirt front.

It has roses, leaves, and very tiny little bees between the flowers.  I picked pearl looking buttons and had a great time sewing the front and around the neck.

I can't tell you how many times this has run thru the washer /dryer, with no special care. So if you are thinking of doing this, get a good book on Embroidery, some silk ribbon and  enjoy some  hand work.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Car Show on the 4th.

We seldom go out for the 4th. Rather stay home and make sure there are no fires  near us.

My friend Sheila Boyd paints custom designs on cars, and trucks. She can paint on anything and any body.. Human bodies also.. If you have seen the inside of the stair case at the V.A. in Fresno.  She painted it from top to bottom, every floor.  It is amazing, with animals, fish, underwater etc. Stop by and look. Good reason to walk the stairs..

They also had this car at the show.. .so if you want your car, truck or what ever, even repairs.. Check with them in Oakhurst..He just fixed the door on my "older"Honda van.
Hope you are having a good day... I need to photo my fabric to see how my "rust" came out.. that will be the next installment.. Back to the studio! 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Changes, rushing by

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th.. It was quiet for us, but the major item was that we did not have a  fire in the area from Fireworks, until yesterday, not near us, but in our town.. and if you must have a fire,  and no one is hurt. That is a blessing.

It has been a wonderful few weeks. I finally had a chance to get some work in the studio done, some veggie garden area cleared up... and maybe more planting this week... although it is late. The heat here seems more intense.. but then it might be my age, or I move slower and there for not causing a breeze. Updated my computer to a 10, and have lots to figure out. A bit scary to say the least. And for some reason when I add a folder to my Pictures, it does not go in Alphabetical order, spent way to much time and still did not figure it out, If any one knows, please email me. The first time I opened it, I did not know where to go.. Although our fantastic friends at Divine Logic in Fresno, are always at hand to help. Now, If I could figure out the PNG and JPEG.. life would be so much easier.

I have been looking at rocks.. Had a stack delivered to make a "creek" area in the front planter section.  Thought the cats would keep out, but then it got hot and I still have the stack.. When it cools I will work on it.  In the mean time I started looking at some that I brought up from the river, and decided to paint on them. Great fun... am I procrastinating doing other things, probably. BUTTTT.

For years I have been collecting rusty items, some I have no idea what they are, but  kept them any way... SO today, I rinsed the fabric, wet it with Vinegar and wrapped it around the rusty stuff. And forgot to take photos of the process...  they are supposed to be wrapped in the plastic for 24 hrs.
I also read it is better if where you have them is humid... Well that is not here in Ca. Although the swamp cooler is on to cool the house..So the box, bags and fabric are in the laundry room where it is warm.. If I put them in the sun, they might dry out.. although I might do that for a bit tomorrow. I will post with photos tomorrow.. If I am not moving another wheel barrel of Dirt..

Planning to get back to some sort of schedule.. have been busy helping write articles and notices about Timberline gallery for the Chamber, Sierra Star, and also Sierra News Online.. So be sure and look for us there.. .not to mention Facebook also.
Planning to check in tomorrow.. PS. Painted rocks will be at Timberline Gallery tomorrow. 

Friday, June 3, 2016

Music in the Meadow, June 4, Tickets Now.

Do you have your tickets for Music in the Meadow!

We bought tickets for Music in the Meadow, and We are not able to go!
I am sure it is going to be wonderful.. Take a fan or squirt bottle with water, it is sure to be hot.
Fantastic music, and lots to see, Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Lost Empress- book by Steve Robinson

Periodically I share a book that I have just finished.. and came across this author which was rather timely. It was one of Amazons free books. And not really knowing what it was about, except that the cover was intriguing I "purchased" it.  I have not checked but there may be other books in a series. I am going to check.   However, then this happened.

At our gathering at Roger Rocka's playhouse, I was reacquainted ( she used to live in the mountain area) with a lovely lady, Nancy, that enjoys genealogy. More like her passion.

Many years ago I was looking for information on my biological family, and found my brothers in Mississippi. My friend Mary was very instrumental at the time. We went to the Mormon Church in So. Orange Co, to learn more, and then to the local government building.  She was able to trace her family and Mary found my brothers in Mississippi.  It all worked out wonderfully. So now I have a lovely family in Mississippi.

 The timing in life is very interesting.   I will write more about what is found as far as I am concerned, if there is anything interesting.

Just wanted to let you know about Steve Robinson's books.. I am going to get another one to see if that is just as fun to read.   I like light mystery's.  And summer is coming, it is already too hot here for my taste!

Enjoy your day, happy reading!

Friday, May 13, 2016

My Personal App. And Variable Toile Stars

 Last year, I was asked to participate in making  a " Personal App." in fabric 36 X 36 in. with rounded corners.  Etc. I posted this photo on my blog before I sent it off.  I decided since I had the file open for paper work where quilts are traveling. I would email and checked to see where the collection was and where it was going.
It is fun to say the exhibit is going to Two Mancuso shows, and then off to France.
How exciting! 

In the mean time my quilt Variable Toile Stars, has come home after it's travels from Houston, to Oregon and then to Chicago. It has been traveling for 2 years.
I must show you how beautifully it was packed for the return trip home.  I am really impressed.
The box was the perfect size, wrapped with special tissue paper and rolled at the folds,  then sealed in a moisture proof bag. In addition the catalogue from the International Quilt Festival/ Chicago was included. A ribbon from the special exhibits, and a paper that said, Packed with Tender, Love, Care and white-gloved. with the signature of Becky and the date.  I was emailed with the date it left Houston, ( by the way it hung there also as part of the 500 Traditional Quilt exhibit). Tracking numbers and the date it was to arrive home. This included notices along the way..
I am very impressed, they were always prompt to send me up dates, to request first if they wanted to send it to other shows.. and of course, I have the pleasure of being in the book 500 Traditional Quilts.
I want to thank all the people involved that treat the quilts with such loving care.. It has been a pleasure and hope I have the opportunity to participate in other projects. 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Common Threads Quilt Guild- Hanford Ca

Last evening Ralph and I had the great pleasure of giving a quilt Presentation in Hanford Ca.
Common Threads Quilt Guild is a delightful group of ladies, we laughed all the way thru dinner.
But let me start at the beginning.
Major storms were on all the news stations, and Highway 41 is having slow downs because of dynamiting of rocks on the area that is being widened.
 So we packed all the quilts in heavy plastic bags, which I always worry about because you can not see they are quilts and it looks like trash. But my clear or white bags were not big enough.
I labeled each bag with big blue tape so that everything was in order of showing.
And the rest of the items were put in the car also, projector, computer, extension cord, etc. Car loaded, lists checked.
And off we went a little early to be sure we met the ladies on time at Panera Bakery. We both love Panera. Good thing is it not up here in the mountains but close enough in Fresno also.
We arrived and only had a few sprinkles on the way.

There were about 9 ladies from the guild gathered around a table with me. We ended up laughing as the gal at the end did not hear my name correctly. So it became a fun joke, which followed thru to the meeting. And a lively discussion about which side of the room usually won with the raffle tickets. 

Going to dinner with a guild is one of the great pleasures of the evening, because it is an opportunity to get to know quilters personally. 
This will be a bit long, but excuse me, it was a delightful evening. Onward.

It was almost difficult to eat, because of the laughter and fun. If you are in a guild and have the opportunity to have dinner with the visiting presenter do it. I try to do that whenever a speaker comes to our guild.
Juanita offered to have us follow them to the venue, which made it easy. Did I mention that Juanita's husband goes to the quilt guild meetings also. So Ralph and Juanita's hubby were able to have a nice chat at another table.  The men were immediately put to work setting up the screen for the Power Point, and also some of the tables for the displays. Ralph runs my Power Point, is my chauffeur and does much of the carrying and that is a great help. He enjoys meeting the ladies and taking the kidding. I am lucky.
The Power Point behaved it's self and I showed and spoke regarding each quilt, taking questions from the audience. A couple points I try to make.

1. How important is it to take classes? You might think you know all the types of quilting, or the tools. But new ideas are always being demonstrated. In my 40 years of quilting, I always learn something new from a sharing teacher.

2. Sometimes we have speakers that don't do the style of quilting you do so you are not sure you want to attend... GO.. Again you will learn something or come up with an idea for a new quilt or how to finish a UFO and have a twist to it. You could also make a postcard to try it out the technique, see if you like it, and send that to a friend.

 If the speaker gives you the opportunity to ask HOW,  then ask.. When speaking to a group it is usually mixed with new quilters and the experienced. This was true last night.  I love sharing my quilts, photos of my studio and the variety of techniques. I started out as a oil painter, eons ago. And now with the  new paints anything is possible.

If you are ever in the Coarsegold, Oakhurst area, you can find me one day a month at Timberline Art Gallery. Call first to be sure I am in the scheduled day... Schedule can be found on the Timberline site. Last night I could not remember the type of paint I used on my shoes,  "Stuart Gill", an acrylic/fabric  paint that can be used on many surfaces, is an English Company and sometimes can be found at quilt shows.. expensive, but lasts and I love it.  But most acrylic paints would work, be sure to seal it with a clear spray.
Thank you Common Threads for a lovely evening.  PS, no rain on the way home!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Fresno Chaffee Zoo- P.E.O. -GZ

Been to the Zoo lately? Chapter GZ in Oakhurst had more than 20 members and guests have a day at the Zoo.  We started out with a wonderful lunch over looking Gazelles, and Elephants. We had Jean Chaffee as our docent and she let us in on all the training and interesting stories regarding the animals and the trainers.  

Did you know that the animals have pedicures?  Well, not really but there are schedules where all the animals are touched daily, even their feet.  Yes, daily, so they get used to it, in case they have to have medicine or shots etc. This way they are used to people touching them and it is not a big surprise.

Wish my llamas would be that friendly, I think they are the most forgetful animals, unless I have a pocket of grain.  It was fun to watch the kids feed the giraffe's.  They have the longest tongue and it is split at the end..They giggled and laughed. Did not seem to faze the Giraffe's. 

View from our lunch area.   It has been years since we have been to the zoo. Fun to be a kid again. Yes, lots of walking. 
So if you are ever in the Fresno area.  Come see the Chaffee Zoo, check ahead to see if you can have a docent for your group.  And enjoy a relaxing day... I suggest going early, and when it is cool. There are lots of trees in the jungle area, but some areas are in the open. There were 18 bus loads of kids.  Parking is another reason to go early.  However, once inside we never knew they were there.  
Be sure to look at the paper work they give you with your receipt. Keeper chats are listed. I think one of my favorite was the Sea Lion Cove.. My hubby and I could sit and watch them swim under water for hours.. They just zipped around and between what looked like the sea bottom.. Great Fun!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Timberline Gallery- Special Exhibits. April -May 19th 2016

Timberline Gallery has an amazing variety of art, by local artists. This year we are featuring  special exhibits in addition to our main gallery and gift gallery.   Visitors are still talking about our wonderful Fiber Exhibit, many pieces are still on exhibit in the main gallery.  Glass and Wood are now on displayed in our Feature Room,with some unusual techniques in glass art thru April 27th.   April 29 - May 8 will be our Mama Mia Jewelry Exhibit and fund raiser for the Children's Museum.  Looking for a special piece for yourself or a gift? This is the time to view the jewelry and meet the artists.

Wendy Denton will be displaying her Cancer Chronicles photographs. May 9th - May 19th. In honor of all those that have been touched by this disease.

Yosemite Western Artists will be exhibiting a special showing of art at the gallery, called the Tri-County Competition and Exhibition May 21- May 29, Reception will be May 21.  If you are wishing to enter this exhibition, please look up information on their web site and join the fun of exhibiting. All art is for sale at the gallery. 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Thankful for the rain, beautiful flowers.

This is the season for tulips. If you live in an area with deer, there isn't much point in planting tulips. The deer love to munch on tulips. Do you look at the floral display in the grocery?  They usually
have an abundance of colors and all types of flowers. One of our yellow lupine survived the rabbits.   They only seem to thrive in one half of the back yard, so we are very careful at this time of year to walk around them. They are pretty hardy, and grow in our granite type of soil.
Enjoy the rain and Spring flowers. 

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Reading, Resting and Recouping

Is it a luxury to lay around and recoup, or does some sort of frustration creep in... I should, could, maybe not, but...
So on advice from lots of friends, I am walking around the house many times a day, sitting in the sun, for short periods, breathing deeply and trying not to see the items I would like to dig my hands into,, like the dirt, weeds etc.
Thankfully, I was reading this first of 3 books. It is by a German Author, and translated very well into English. The second in the series will be out in Sept.
I have read her other series, The Glassblower, Paradise of Glass, & The American Lady.
I like to read about strong women, their challenges, a touch of Romance,and about an industry I
know little about. How it started or the trials behind a product.. In the Glassblower it was about, just like the title says. Where and how life was for women in that time, and the strength it took to overcome a tough life and be creative.
Her new series is about simply bicycles. I have never had thoughts about  how they came about, how the women had to fight to be able to ride them. What some men feared as women took to the bike.

Liberty, Independence, and a new way of Life, the Threat to Mankind. 

We take so much for granted in our lives now, the pleasures we can have at our finger tips.
Speaking of Fingers:

I have not had long finger nails in eons. Not that I can not grow them, they just get in my way. Typing on the computer, etc.  I don't know how ladies do it.. Tomorrow, these get filed down. 
Slowly getting some things done, as the fog from surgery starts to clear. Hope to be in the studio soon!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Art of Abstraction- by Trowsers Akimbo

Yosemite Western Artists has demonstrations once a month  at Gertrude School House.  And while I am recouping from the surgery, I thought I would sneak in the watch this demonstration. 
Trowsers Akimbo discussed and painted one of his Abstractions. Telling how he saw it and the influences from great artists.. Bill, as he is sometimes called, told about his history of becoming an artist, computers and who has been an influence on him and his artist life.
It was great fun to watch this true Master make decisions while the live model sat, and the rest of a full room of artists watched as he laid one bright wonderful color after another on the canvas..
Sadly, I could only manage to stay for about an hour, but it was such fun.. If you have never been to a demonstration at YWA, it is a fantastic group of welcoming artists, with lots to share. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Recouping, Healing, Grateful, Lessons.

Thank you everyone, for your prayers and thank you for all your support.  A week ago Sat. I had a slight pain in my right side. So I left a great class given by my artist friend Shannon Grissom half way thru. GRRRR.. Drove home and called my hubby. I suggested he drive me to the ER. in Fresno.
 And as I thought it was appendicitis. It was about noon, and surgery was scheduled for 7 PM.. so much for having eaten a cracker before I went,  first thinking it was indigestion. .. Surgery started at 10: PM and by then it had burst. So I spent 4 days in the hospital and now recouping at home.
Interesting, I really am not in the mood to do anything and not motivated. Which is not me.. Maybe the fact that I am usually up showered and dressed by 8 AM at the morning. And now can only wear sweat pants with wide waist, is making me lazy. Or it could be the 1/2 little pill they gave me for pain. I must honestly say, it is not the surgery at this point it is my back for being so "lazy".  

The floral photo above is of pots, my friends brought, and love how colorful they are. I put them on a chair out side, and then computer enhanced it.  Friends kindly supplied food, which is a blessing as my hubby lacks any kitchen skills. And he usually does not eat during the day. At least food is not a high priority with him.. Good for me most of the time.
Learning lessons as I go... I always thought that when one was in the hospital, one should not disturb them. Of Course, it depends what you are there for.  In my case it was a delight to see some friends drop in.. I had to look like a crazy women, they don't exactly pay attention to ones hair. Which by this time was standing straight up, as if I had been dragged thru a pig pen of grease. But it was encouraging to see them. Also had a chance to chat with a lovely artist, that I would never had had a chance to "really " talk to, on so many levels.  The stack of cards, Facebook and Blessings that were sent are greatly appreciated. 
This year  I decided that I would plant nothing but sunflowers in all the pots in the yard. and I am partly there. In  my absence, they are starting to sprout... Can't wait to get the rest of the pots filled and seeds started... This is my sunflower year. 
Lots of lessons here, don't put off if you have the energy to do something you want to do..Just do it.
Off to rest and reorganize in my mind, just what I want to do next..  But first it is healing and getting my energy back! One step at a time!
Again thank you everyone for your support, healing thoughts of love, cards, and food. And best of all sharing your precious time.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Love, Daisy Hearts

Love Daisy hearts!  Hearts can be used for any occasion. They are happy, thankful, caring and carry so many meanings of Love.
Tomorrow is a special day to say Thank you to ladies that have helped and supported me in my P.E.O. GZ Presidency.  I have had a wonderful time, but especially because this group of ladies are amazing.  So I decided I wanted something that they could keep and hopefully enjoy. Daisy's have special meaning to all the ladies. I found some on line and ordered the fabric.  Then drew out several size hearts, chose one, cut them out, batting and backing. Added ribbon for a hanger, stitched and later zig zagged around the edge. I took white fabric and held it over different fonts I had written on the computer, and traced the words with a colored Pentel  Permanent Pen.
Used some Misty Fuse to tack the fabric and lace down and stitched around it.  Added buttons and beads to finish. I hope they like them!
These make great gifts to lift a persons spirit, knowing that someone is thinking of them and wishing them well.. or as a Thank you. It is the memories that we make that make us smile.
Make it a great day.  

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Rain, 2 in., Lightening and Thunder,

Rain storms are amazing and usually not so wild in our part of Calif. But about 2 AM, the wind, rain, and thunder woke us up.  Our usual quiet meandering Fresno River was going wild.   This is the view from our house. That little speck in the middle is/ was our future burn pile. Thankfully, it had been burned down and very few sticks were in the middle of the sand.

The gate you see at the bottom is what we use to access the sand and beachy area, we call this our island. No, island now!  About 5 years ago we had to have a tractor come in to cover the roots of the oak trees, because the sand had all been washed away. Thankfully, they survived.  

This is usually an area where we can walk with the river being on the far side about 15 ft or more from the branches in the middle. The water is rushing next to our fence posts, that surround the llama's field.. We are hoping that it does not wash out the fencing again.  More rain is expected for the next week.. Oakhurst/ North Fork had about 4-5 in. last night/ early this morning.  Thankfully sun the rest of the day!  Hoping that the water goes down a bit, but it will be awhile before we can get out that gate.. I am hoping our old Oak trees survive, and the big Cottonwood, manages to stay rooted also.. This is after about 4 years of a dry river bed... Nature in all it's glory..  Pretty amazing, we really needed this rain.

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