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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Frosty Dec. 26 2015

Another amazing frozen vista from the house.  We did  not get snow, but a stillness this morning of frozen trees. It is about 28 degrees, and the leaves are crunching as I walk.  There are some cute little fat birds hopping around looking between the crisp leaves for what ever food they can find.. I shall set out something for them later on as it warms under this endless blue sky.

Patches looks up hoping to get some early breakfast, sorry will wait till it is warmer and walk down when it is not so slippery. 

This is Christmas day in the Valley. Beautiful, clear and getting greener. We lunched with friends at the Home Town Buffet. It is unusual to drive the almost deserted streets and see  empty parking lots. 

For many years I have wanted to get a photo of this building just off 41, going towards home.
Most times the weather, the traffic, or lack of my camera, have stopped me, but Christmas day was a perfect sky, just the right moment. Ralph turned the car around and we stopped to enjoy the blessings of the day.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Mail, Catalogs, and Requests, Christmas letter, for New Years again.

I was going through my mail, which had the usual Order Catalogs, and requests for monies. I stopped to look at one sent by St. Joseph's Indian School for Lakota Children.  The artist in me made me stop. Stickers and a tree shape to put them on, FUN.. I scanned it in on some of my Christmas paper.  Yes, one bell is on the bottom for a cat or doggy to ring in the end of one year, the beginning of another.
We gave all our ornaments to our grand kids several years ago, and we hope they enjoy them. We have some little "fake" pine trees on our front porch and put a Christmas bulb on each that we got at the Dollar store, each time someone passes, they sing, We Wish You a Merry Christmas.. to say the cats are enjoying, might be a stretch. 

Merry Christmas! 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas from Vegas.  We were in Vegas to visit with Ralph's daughter, Deanna, her son, Brandon,, fiance' Ashley, and a few other very important friends.  Don't mean to forget Santa. Great idea Deanna, to have photos taken with Santa. Can't remember the last time we had that done!
We forgot to check the distance, and took us 8 hrs. Amazing how that city has grown.

 Before we left home, it was freezing out. This is the windshield of the Truck. Might make a nice back ground on one of the art apps.

View from the house,, you can see the river rising. It is getting close to our burn pile. The house is safe we are on high ground

Can you imagine, several weeks ago there, this was a dry river bed.

Still have not had an opportunity to work in the studio, maybe this afternoon... How are your preparations coming along,, Christmas will soon be here.  And they are saying we will get snow and have a white Christmas..

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Timberline art Gallery, Splash Exhibit, taking entries.

Timberline Gallery in Oakhurst is sponsoring a fiber art show, exhibition, which will hang from Feb.29 - March 28. This is open to any fiber artist in Calif. Are you a basket weaver, fiber wall hangings, have something unique that would fit the contemporary fiber category, check out the information at Timberline Art Gallery web site in Oakhurst. 

All information is on   www.timberlineartgallery.com. Dead line is Jan 17th. 2016.  Looking forward to seeing your entry.     

Friday, December 4, 2015

Holiday Art Affair at Madera Circle Gallery

I  received this post card in the mail from Madera Circle Gallery. How exciting to see my ribbon winning fiber piece  included on the cover. "Colorful Cauliflower". Sorry, I did not get this out sooner..oops and I need to pick it up next week.. so if you want it, stop in at Circle Gallery, Madera..

This time of year is so busy, even for us, retiree's.. Interesting word as we have been busier than when we worked.   Hope you can stop in the see all the wonderful Holiday selections at Timberline in Oakhurst and Circle Gallery Madera


 I have some new earrings that will be going into Timberline Gallery tomorrow afternoon  The little red and gold balls look like Christmas, so do stop by before you go to your next party..If you like to collect Dragonflies, the other pair is perfect for you. I have a nice collection  to chose from, along with others items for Christmas Gifts.. Remember shop local.

The beginning of this year my art will only be seen at Timberline Gallery.. I am working on Dec. 9th so be sure to come in, unless there is snow.   Say hi and enjoy Christmas cheer. 

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