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Friday, July 31, 2015

I am back- We are back

The minute we returned home from the trip, I jumped back to work on this Timberline Project. It felt like I was on one of the little animal wheels and constantly spinning.  Although, honestly, I had my computer, I pad, kindle, and I phone with me, not to say that we didn't both have all the electronic gadgets.  It got to be funny, as the first thing we looked for in a motel/hotel room, were the wall plugs.  I love the plugs that are on the lamps. And also my I pad with Verizon to work in the car.

I wrote articles and kept in touch with the newspapers all the way across the U.S. Total mileage was about 8,600 miles. And Ralph did all the driving.. yes, we are still married.  But the last week was a bit snappish on my part. I found it was easier to Facebook from my phone so most of the trip is on that.  I really need to learn how to blog from my I pad..

Jacqueline and hubby left about a month after we did, but did not head so far East, at one point we were heading West and they were heading East, and we were about 200 miles apart.  We kept playing ideas off of each other, and what one of us did not think of the other did. So it worked out well. We got home about 2 weeks before she did, and we were off and running.

The first two exhibits went spectacularly, and we expect the same for the last one that is this Sat. August 1.  2-4.  5 Restaurants will be featured.  We have been blessed because all of the advertisers understood that this is a community project and supported this with lots of articles and photographs.  The restaurants in the first two out did them selves with the trays of food. Our music by Terry, is delightful, and people brought their chairs in and sat and listened and chatted. Patti's Japanese Floral arrangements and her explanations intrigued everyone that watched. She is planning to give some classes at the gallery in the future.

As I mentioned before the last gathering for "Celebration of Tasteful Art at Timberline" is this Sat. August 1,  2-4. If you have not been by, do come.  Terry will be playing his musical instruments again, and I am sure these 5 restaurants will bring delicious goodies and we do have a dessert table.  The art for this exhibition will be up through Sunday.  Several of the pieces have been sold, but will be there till the end of the Show..

We look forward to seeing you... 

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