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Sunday, June 7, 2015

More Texas, Lakeway, Corpus Christi

I just noticed that I forgot to take photos in Fredricksburg.. Darn.. oh. well, it is a lovely town with lots of shops. It did not get damaged by the floods. One Art Town in Texas was swept away... very sad.
A lady at an art gallery, told us that Fredricksburg is working together to make it a Tourist city to visit, they want to be number 1 in Texas..  There is an amazing war History Museum  that is well worth the visit, about the back ground of the wars with beautiful  memorials. Bought a little gift at the gallery.

Arrived in Lakeway, Tx.  Did not ask if we could post Gavin's photo on my blog, so you just get this photo of Great Grandpa and Gavin. He is about 2 months old. Beautiful little boy with lots of hair.  Ralph is so good with babies!

 It is a beautiful area, of rolling hills, the lake I showed above, is walking distance. Lots of stores close, and the perfect place to start with a new house, and friendly neighborhood.  The humidity would probably get to a Californian. They have repainted and put in a new wood floor, everything looks beautiful. 
We dropped off the antique chair from our house, and boxes with books on gardening, house decorating and french recipes, along with some french books that I had from my teens.. But then the language does not change.much and Jade loves anything French. Also, missed seeing a blog P.E.O  friend, always tough to connect when we don't know distance and plans.. Have to stay kind of loose.

We had planned to visit the Texas Quilt Museum in Le Grange Texas, but it was closed the days that we were near..  Off to see more Italian Cousins.
Larry and Barbara are planning to leave the end of the week for a cruise to Alaska.. but opened their home to spend the night.. Again chatting most of the time about family.
On the way to their place we did have to turn around once because of a road wash out.. Big spout shooting in the air where the road would be, we turned around and were directed to another road that was open. Seeing lots of goats, white cows, and small ranches.. Near Austin.

Then off again, driving south to Corpus Christi, to see Ralph's other Aunt Lee and her son Orey Jr.. Finally had a meal at a Cracker Barrel Restaurant.  Very good Pork Chop.   Again lots of cars, rushing back and forth, this city is divided down the middle with a freeway. Sunny still, yeah..

Back on the freeways to Houston.. Next, Aunt  and cousins in Louisiana.

still in Texas

Tough to take photos with a messed up windshield that we could not clean.. Found out at Larry and Barbara's cousins of Ralph that W d 40 is amazing, but that is a bit later. A little Vinegar after and clean as new.  That is my tip for the day.
Big fluffy clouds, but not dangerous.. thankfully.. no road wash out yet.

So much open land, but not welcoming land. There is very little top soil in much of what we see. Only good for cattle and wild things. 

Wow, does this look inviting, so much good looking food.

Even the perfect snack for Italians... Salami, and cantaloupe, or hard boiled eggs.  Could be really healthy here.. just did not show, the fried chicken, hot dogs, and the rest of the food.
still traveling a lot of open country.
As we traveled further,, there was a terrible accident that had us held up for over an hour on the highway. No choices of by ways here.


Beautiful Blue skies... Looks like we are traveling behind the storms.. bringing Ca. sun to Texas.

We are not American, if we don't stop at Walmart.  Some road construction sprayed black top on the windshield..

Eating healthy,  Pizza Hut.  Ralph's eyes are always bigger than mine.
Tomorrow Salad!
Lots of road to Jade's, baby Gavin and Warren.
Have the Texas road conditions on my phone and all is clear!

New Mexico

New Mexico

Talk about open land and lots of rocks!

Cochise and Geronimo Country

Can not help thinking about the settlers that came across this country.  Would I have been so brave?. I think not.  Thankful for air conditioning and an 80 mile an hour speed limit.
Everything just sort of whizzes by.. Look at the strength of that tree, clinging to that rock. So amazing.
Wish we had the time/ energy to take out my drawing tablet.

Catching up

Lovely Hotel in Sedona, Sky Ranch.  This is the hotel we stayed at 25 years ago.  So lots of great memories. Had dinner at the Airport, walking distance.. I think if you want a wild ride take off from here. The airport is on a plateau. New building for the restaurant, and delicious food.. Of, course in Sedona one must mention the view!
The view from the hotel area.. Beautiful, expansive.

Some people grumble about Facebook, but it has been a real benefit for us. 
One of my Point Bonita friends emailed and we met for Breakfast in Cottonwood. Lots of fun having unplanned adventures.  It was great to see her.

Will be seeing Leigh at Point B in August for a week of quilting.. Yeah. Next time Leigh, will visit your beautiful store in Jerome!
Onward to Phoenix,
and my cousin, who also saw our trip on Facebook, "hey, some stay here", and we did. 

They have a beautiful home in Phoenix, and we tried to catch up on family trees.   That got a bit confusing with so many generations to figure out, will be writing it all out.  We hope to stop by there again some time.. So very welcoming..    Thank you Roger and Susan!

Sorry had to back track a bit with some more Sedona photos, and I had Facebooked the Quilt store. Wish the photos from my Phone camera would also go to my PC, but they don't so there will be some cross over.  
From the Scottsdale/ Phoenix area we headed South some more, keeping an eye on all the storms in Texas. 
Think I will post now, chat again later.  

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