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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spots on my Sweat Shirt!

I was nice and cozy warm in my turquoise sweat shirt. Then the spaghetti I was eating chose to jump on the front in nice red blotches. Off to the washing machine with this and a few more dark garments.

Did it wash out as I would have wished... NO!. So all I could do was to dye it.. I did my usual ice dyeing and had a vision in mind.. But then I pushed the release button too often on the Washer and the the washer said, "enough", and stopped working. So for many days the jacket sat in the dyes...and when the washer was finally working, and Vivian was reminded on how to push the safety button  with out jamming it, I plunged the jacket into the wash.  Not, what I really wanted or had in mind for the end result.

A little stencil work was in order.  I used fabric paint, and a stencil I picked up at Joanne's. I must say they make the plastic so thin, I wonder if the  stencil will last through a few applications. I used a silvery paint so it would show against the variety in the back ground.  Now,  what else can I try on the sweat shirt, and should I tell you that I got a little bit of paint in the wrong spot. I tried some dark paint over that, some how that did not work either. hummm now what.

You really can't see it too well, but I glued beads on some of the areas in the design.. Will they wash off? That remains to be seen.. according to the glue, it should last. And that paint that was not supposed to be where it went, it got a dark bead glued over it.. Not showing that goof!  Maybe you will see it if you catch me wearing the sweat shirt.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Towers of Tuscany- book suggestion

In this world of Computers, it sometimes can get very frustrating. So stepping away and reading a book sometimes brings us down to earth or takes us away from earth.  This book might have been a freebee or not expensive on Kindle.

It is about a female artist in Italy, in the a time when women painters were not accepted.  A woman was told by the husband what to do and just run the household. Along with the who to marry and have lots of sons. Thankfully, those traditions are not today in our country.

It also reminded me of the poisons in so many of the paints, and it tells how they were mixed and how they had assistants that just ground the paints.  It is well written, although I was hoping for a happy ending and instead got a surprise ending.  I am not one to read the end first and so enjoy the build up.

All through this book I kept feeling so very blessed that we live in the U.S.A., that we are free to paint and do just what we want, to enjoy seeing a variety of styles, to know that the paints we work with are tested for safety.

 Reading this book also made me think that there are women in other countries that still have issues with signing a female name to art work and others that live under male domination.  Just a little food for thought and lots of gratitude.
Off to the studio.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Fabric give away,. Grocery Bags!

Sorry for the delay,, Valentines, came and went, but I have not forgotten. Happy Valentines to the winners of the packets of horse fabric. Love to see what you make out of the fabric or just enjoy petting the horses.   Maureen Egan, Martha Ginn, and Barbara Cooper. 

Now to show you the other bags I made, this project is similar to pop corn, I needed to make one more and then another idea happened, and......
Appliqued the letters of our Quilt Guild and some chili peppers.  Great way to use fun fabric. Now you know that everyone in the store will wonder what SMQA is.. wonderful advertising for the quilt guild and the up coming Quilt show, in June, and an opportunity to sell Tickets for the Quilt.
A friend gave me some French fabric years ago, and I could not decide which part of the fabric to use, so this is two sided.
Each bag was made a bit differently, as the fabric sort of demanded it. Some have straps on the outside, and yes, I did line each one..  I had a great time making shopping bags. There are a ton of directions on the net, but am not patient enough to figure them out. So of course, it took me a bit longer to visualize how I wanted to make these... But so much fun, and now I am ready with lots of bags on hand! Share what you are going to use for Shopping Bags. The SMQA Shopping Bag Challenge is due at the Ice Cream Social in July! Get it made before the quilt show, and you can just relax afterward and enjoy sharing in July.

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