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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas from Vegas.  We were in Vegas to visit with Ralph's daughter, Deanna, her son, Brandon,, fiance' Ashley, and a few other very important friends.  Don't mean to forget Santa. Great idea Deanna, to have photos taken with Santa. Can't remember the last time we had that done!
We forgot to check the distance, and took us 8 hrs. Amazing how that city has grown.

 Before we left home, it was freezing out. This is the windshield of the Truck. Might make a nice back ground on one of the art apps.

View from the house,, you can see the river rising. It is getting close to our burn pile. The house is safe we are on high ground

Can you imagine, several weeks ago there, this was a dry river bed.

Still have not had an opportunity to work in the studio, maybe this afternoon... How are your preparations coming along,, Christmas will soon be here.  And they are saying we will get snow and have a white Christmas..

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