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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Mail, Catalogs, and Requests, Christmas letter, for New Years again.

I was going through my mail, which had the usual Order Catalogs, and requests for monies. I stopped to look at one sent by St. Joseph's Indian School for Lakota Children.  The artist in me made me stop. Stickers and a tree shape to put them on, FUN.. I scanned it in on some of my Christmas paper.  Yes, one bell is on the bottom for a cat or doggy to ring in the end of one year, the beginning of another.
We gave all our ornaments to our grand kids several years ago, and we hope they enjoy them. We have some little "fake" pine trees on our front porch and put a Christmas bulb on each that we got at the Dollar store, each time someone passes, they sing, We Wish You a Merry Christmas.. to say the cats are enjoying, might be a stretch. 

Merry Christmas! 

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