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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Frosty Dec. 26 2015

Another amazing frozen vista from the house.  We did  not get snow, but a stillness this morning of frozen trees. It is about 28 degrees, and the leaves are crunching as I walk.  There are some cute little fat birds hopping around looking between the crisp leaves for what ever food they can find.. I shall set out something for them later on as it warms under this endless blue sky.

Patches looks up hoping to get some early breakfast, sorry will wait till it is warmer and walk down when it is not so slippery. 

This is Christmas day in the Valley. Beautiful, clear and getting greener. We lunched with friends at the Home Town Buffet. It is unusual to drive the almost deserted streets and see  empty parking lots. 

For many years I have wanted to get a photo of this building just off 41, going towards home.
Most times the weather, the traffic, or lack of my camera, have stopped me, but Christmas day was a perfect sky, just the right moment. Ralph turned the car around and we stopped to enjoy the blessings of the day.

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  1. What a contrast between the icy branches and the beautiful clear sky; thanks for getting the good photo of the "flag barn." It's my 80th BD (on the 26th) but my friends assure me 80s are a piece of cake, so I look forward to them! Happy New Year to you and Ralph!


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