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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving,  It is a frosty morning here in the mountains, but the snow did not get down to where we live, just the frost.  It has all melted while I cook the turkey, and goodies for Dinner this afternoon. Even the cats have shared a bit of the cooked gizzards.  Friends are stopping in later.

So many have listed all that they are grateful for this year and past years.. Health seem to be at the top of the list, with out that we can not enjoy every day comforts. So may you have a healthy, prosperous Thanksgiving day. Big hugs to share with everyone.

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  1. Oh, that beautiful frosty morning. Aren't we blessed to have warm, comfortable homes! With cats. I flew to Dallas to see my son and all his family before TG, then was invited to TG dinner here with friends. Happy, happy.


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