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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cleaning out cupboards, FUN? What is this?

No, cleaning out it not fun.. I had to because I saw water coming from under a large cabinet in the "garage" / studio.  It is one that I keep canned goods, and odds and ends.. thought it was the connection to the refrigerator, and panicked when I saw the water seeping under the wall board etc.

I started to take the items out of the large cupboard and found that an old bottle of water had sprung a leak. Oh, thank goodness, cancel the call to the plumber... It was this water bottle leaking. So I proceeded to clear out and see what I had in that area. 

Among, many empty bottles for dyeing or grease, checking the date on some canned veggies etc. I found an old scale from Weight Watchers (toss), and this metal can with the insert above. 
I have no idea what it is for.. would it work for dyeing fabric in some way?  How could I re- purpose 
it?  Anyone know what it is supposed to be used for?.. I am not much of a cook with lots of utensil's so if anyone knows, great. 
Would love to hear the real use, and ideas for art use.  


  1. would that be for steaming clams, maybe? Definitely would work at dying material

    1. The little basket might hold boiled eggs to plunge them into cold water to stop their cooking. Maybe?


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