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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cleaning out cupboards, FUN? What is this?

No, cleaning out it not fun.. I had to because I saw water coming from under a large cabinet in the "garage" / studio.  It is one that I keep canned goods, and odds and ends.. thought it was the connection to the refrigerator, and panicked when I saw the water seeping under the wall board etc.

I started to take the items out of the large cupboard and found that an old bottle of water had sprung a leak. Oh, thank goodness, cancel the call to the plumber... It was this water bottle leaking. So I proceeded to clear out and see what I had in that area. 

Among, many empty bottles for dyeing or grease, checking the date on some canned veggies etc. I found an old scale from Weight Watchers (toss), and this metal can with the insert above. 
I have no idea what it is for.. would it work for dyeing fabric in some way?  How could I re- purpose 
it?  Anyone know what it is supposed to be used for?.. I am not much of a cook with lots of utensil's so if anyone knows, great. 
Would love to hear the real use, and ideas for art use.  

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sitting Timberline Gallery today.

I posted several photos (on Facebook)of various art pieces in Timberline today.. But then thought why not write a short blog also.. Timberline is now on Winter Hours, which means we are open from 10-4.

The Gallery has been rehung and is looking fantastic.  As I  mentioned I posted some photos on Facebook, with  written comments, but when I checked it, they had put all the photos together, and I had to click on them to see what I wrote... I will have to check when I get home if it looks that way on Ralph's computer. If so, just click on the photo and the dialogue comes up. They keep changing things with out telling and I never know what is going to happen next.

The above photo is of the Angel Garden Stakes I painted. All the Halloween Stakes were sold during Art Trails.  I love to see the little Angels covering up some old yard stakes, and have some in pots with the flowers growing around them. 

Guess I need to make a few for the Thanksgiving celebration. Angels are year round, not just for the holidays.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Day of the Dead Celebrations.

I might have shown this before, but it was probably a year ago. I love making these little mixed media fiber wall hangings.  Pieced, applique, fused, quilted, beading, small buttons and little skulls along the base.
It is 10" in wide x 24" long. Hand dyed fabric and commercial fabrics.  It is for sale for $350.00.
Hope you all have a wonderful celebration. 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Baby quilt for Gavin

It has been years since I made a baby quilt.  I made a pillow first and then had time to complete this Modern Quilt for Gavin, our great gran.  His mom Jade, has chosen the room theme to be little duckies. I lucked out and found some Ducky fabric. I completed it at PB camp.
Gavin is enjoying looking at all the colors and can find his toys on the open white sections.

I forgot to take a photo of the pillow. Lots of fun, no pattern just simple ideas, and quilted with variegated thread.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Colorful Cauliflower, Madera Arts Ag Show.

On top of everything the Reception for the Ag Art Show at Madera Circle Gallery was the day before Judy Andes and I had to install our art work for Sierra Art Trails.
I put 2 pieces in the Show, one gourd, and this piece called "Colorful Cauliflower."
Several months ago Ralph and I were at Kaiser Hosp. for a Dr. appoint. It was the same day they have their weekly Veggie Market. I was so impressed with the many colors of cauliflower that I took several photos. Then I printed the photo on fabric after changing it in a Waterlogue App.  Used my hand dyes for the border, and painted a Gallery Canvas with a purplish acrylic paint. I always enclose the back with black felt. 

Ralph had a Dr. appoint. that day for a recheck on the surgery on his shoulder.  We were tired but really wanted to attend the Reception. Some days end with a wonderful award.
When entering an art show with mixed media art, one never knows what will happen. So I am delighted to be included and have a fiber piece given an Honorable Mention. We were all given  beautiful looking certificates printed by the Calif. State Legislature, and signed by Frank Bigelow our District 5 Assembly-member.
We were very happy that we went. It was a lovely reception with music, munchies and an excellent attendance. I did not take any photos because I was more concerned about keeping Ralph's arm from getting bumped in the crowd.

All the Ag entries are still at Circle Gallery in Madera, Ca. and most are for sale.  There is some amazing art and well worth stopping in to see all the different styles. I think every entry is a winner. Madera Circle Gallery is not open every day, so check out the hours on Facebook or their web site.

My plan is to get back to writing my blogs, with all that was going on I really missed sharing with friends and hearing from you. 

I did something crazy, but will tell about that later on,, maybe next week.. now, to clean out the studio!

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