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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What a year this has been, Onward. Postmarkd'art, Fabric Postcards.

A Story- Postmarkd'art

I started making Fabric Postcards in about 2006, it has been a wonderful time of meeting the most amazing ladies.  The postcards have traveled all around the world.  My e friend Franki Kohler wrote a book, Fun Fast & Easy, Fabric Postcards, about how to make fabric postcards and at that time and since, more articles have been written. Don't want to forget Bonnie Sobel and Louii-Philippe O'Donnell with their book Positively Postcards,through That Patchwork Place.
Judi Warren wrote a book also, but way before the wild fun, Fabric Postcards, 1993, with the American Quilters Society.  All the books are amazing and very different. I think the email and internet was a big boost to the activities.  Many of my e-friends are in Aussie Land, New Z, England, and Europe. Some turn out to be almost next door in the U.S.A.   I have 13 white binders full of the amazing cards. Have even had some hanging in art exhibitions, quilt shows and others have been sold or commissioned. 

Fabric Postcards have been a great project for our YoYo group, some are silly, others are really works of art. These cards have brought a smile to sad faces, laughter at difficult times, and admiration for the beauty they contain. 
This year I am going to pass on making fabric postcards. I do it with a heavy heart and hope that I can continue keeping in touch with many of these wonderful ladies. 


  1. It was lovely reading your comments re Postmark'dArt. 2006 we became e-friends via this site. I took a rest from Round 22, but feel that Round 23 will be my last group swap. Time for something else to consume part of my fabric stash.

  2. PMA will miss you. It's been fun getting to know you through the swapping, as well as blogging, etc. Glad to be one of those in your backyard. :)


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