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Monday, September 14, 2015

Rough Fire / Rain

I had to share this fantastic photo of the Rough Fire and our amazing Firemen.   As I type this there is a patter on our roof.  It is rain! We really need the rain, all the rain that is falling. 

But wouldn't you know it,  I washed rugs and hung them outside, that it would be rain!
Maybe I should put the rugs in the washer more often!
Smells so good out side. I need to put the car out there also..
Hope you have a rainy day where you are  in Calif. 
Blessing to those who have lost so very much with the fires.


  1. That's a great photo! Do you know where it was taken? It's been raining here in Shaver Lake for a couple of hours, and I hope it's raining on the fire, too.


    1. I am not sure where exactly it was taken, an amazing photo. Yes, we had a little rain in Coarsegold area, but we need more, of course. I heard that they are containing that fire again, here is hoping that finishes soon. .We have blue sky's today, and just the touch of Fall to come.. we have Sierra Art Trails the end of the month, and hoping for continued good weather.

  2. My prayer for CA is good soaking rain!
    Here in Queensland it is Spring. Also 80% of the state is Drought declared and we are warned to expect more severe than usual Summer fires. Fingers crossed that it doesn't hppen


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