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Sunday, June 7, 2015

still in Texas

Tough to take photos with a messed up windshield that we could not clean.. Found out at Larry and Barbara's cousins of Ralph that W d 40 is amazing, but that is a bit later. A little Vinegar after and clean as new.  That is my tip for the day.
Big fluffy clouds, but not dangerous.. thankfully.. no road wash out yet.

So much open land, but not welcoming land. There is very little top soil in much of what we see. Only good for cattle and wild things. 

Wow, does this look inviting, so much good looking food.

Even the perfect snack for Italians... Salami, and cantaloupe, or hard boiled eggs.  Could be really healthy here.. just did not show, the fried chicken, hot dogs, and the rest of the food.
still traveling a lot of open country.
As we traveled further,, there was a terrible accident that had us held up for over an hour on the highway. No choices of by ways here.

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