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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Catching up

Lovely Hotel in Sedona, Sky Ranch.  This is the hotel we stayed at 25 years ago.  So lots of great memories. Had dinner at the Airport, walking distance.. I think if you want a wild ride take off from here. The airport is on a plateau. New building for the restaurant, and delicious food.. Of, course in Sedona one must mention the view!
The view from the hotel area.. Beautiful, expansive.

Some people grumble about Facebook, but it has been a real benefit for us. 
One of my Point Bonita friends emailed and we met for Breakfast in Cottonwood. Lots of fun having unplanned adventures.  It was great to see her.

Will be seeing Leigh at Point B in August for a week of quilting.. Yeah. Next time Leigh, will visit your beautiful store in Jerome!
Onward to Phoenix,
and my cousin, who also saw our trip on Facebook, "hey, some stay here", and we did. 

They have a beautiful home in Phoenix, and we tried to catch up on family trees.   That got a bit confusing with so many generations to figure out, will be writing it all out.  We hope to stop by there again some time.. So very welcoming..    Thank you Roger and Susan!

Sorry had to back track a bit with some more Sedona photos, and I had Facebooked the Quilt store. Wish the photos from my Phone camera would also go to my PC, but they don't so there will be some cross over.  
From the Scottsdale/ Phoenix area we headed South some more, keeping an eye on all the storms in Texas. 
Think I will post now, chat again later.  

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  1. Enjoy your trip! I stayed in Sedona in March and ate at the airport restaurant -- great views.


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