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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Traveling Where?

Now I call this a great welcome for the first night on the road.  Needles, Ca. sunny and hot on the way. We are keeping track of the news from Texas because of all the rains and tornadoes striking that area. Scary.
We are blessed to have family staying at our house and caring for our animals and watering our plants.
We are surprised to hear from our friends through Facebook, this is great fun. We heard from one of my cousins in Scottsdale, and going to spend tomorrow evening with them.  A friend emailed and we are meeting her in Cottonwood tomorrow morning, before we do a little more walking around Sedona.
Speaking of Sedona, what a shock, the city has spread out, there are 11 traffic circles to drive around, lots of traffic, but we expected the traffic, but not the size..  We did not make arrangements before, but drove to the hotel we stayed at 25 years ago.  Sky Ranch Hotel, and they had a room. Walking distance to the airport, which is atop a mesa.  And we need to walk. 
If you fly in, you can only make one mistake, and then over the side..  There is a new restaurant at the airport with a fantastic view.  We had a dinner of pulled pork.. Ralph and I decided that we would split our dinners. and so far that is working out fine.. No left overs to worry about, and hope we come home weighing less.
 On the way here,we had a lovely visit at a town called Ashfork..  we saw a sign  Museum, and it is on Route 66. 
Ralph is the one in the tan hat, playing poker with 3 dummy's.  Delightful ladies told us about the area, and how their families came to the town.  Ashfork is also the Slate capitol, mining slate from the local mountains. 
This Dr.'s buggy is like the one at the Coarsegold Hist. Museum.

As we left there we could see snow on the top of a mountain called Humphrey's Peak. over 12,000ft.
We are about 6,000 ft. elevation  in this area driving towards Flagstaff.
 Then onward to Williams, there was a Dairy Queen there years ago when we drove through and Ralph has his heart set on Ice Cream.  Wow, that area has changed and we could not find the Dairy Queen.,, will show photos we took there, next time.
More tomorrow, need to plug my computer in.
I usually re- read my blogs, before I post it, but with this trip, I will probably post right away, so please excuse any typo's..


  1. I'm always a sucker for a beautiful sunset. That looks like it could have been taken in Hawaii. Gorgeous!!!

  2. love that country--lots of my favorite places--keep postin' I love to "follow" you as you travel.

  3. Happy trails to you . . . It was either Roy Rogers or Gene Autry who used to sing that. Beautiful sunset and mountain range!


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