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Saturday, May 2, 2015

New hair style

My hubby wanted more color.. I like the pastel myself. But now I worry about what Ralph's 90+ year old Aunts will think when we travel to see 6 of them in the coming months. I can't do the braiding myself, wonder if I or Jennie ( Magic Shears- Oakhurst) can teach hubby to braid my hair.. would be cooler for the trip!

It has been a busy couple of months.  This week-end, whoops it is the week-end, Tonight is the reception of Yosemite Western Artists at Timberline Gallery in Oakhurst, 4-6. Do stop in and enjoy. I think this is our biggest year for entries.  Meet the artists, and hear all about the art that you like, and yes, there are some munchies. .. There are big changes happening at Timberline Gallery.  Watch for them.

Then Entries are due for Sierra Art Trails( first week-end in Oct.)  Have to jury in every year. Only missed two in 15 years, out of town at that time.
there is going to be an interesting Exhibition in July at Timberline.

"Celebration of Tasteful Art at Timberline Gallery",
July 18,25th and August 1.
No, Pre - photos at this time..

This will include 17 of our local restaurants and 17 artists at Timberline Gallery.

Watch for more information keep those dates open 2-4  Artist, weaver Jacqueline Kurtt and I have been busy, and I do mean busy with the plans and enjoying contacting every one for this project. There is still more to do before we leave on vacation.

Sorry to miss the entry for SAQA 12"x 12" , so you know I am a bit frustrated that I can not do it all.
Bet that sounds familiar.
I see so much on the net and wonder how these ladies get all the projects done, guess it is organization. Oh, yes, and I have read those articles also...

Long time ago I showed some photos of my studio, I was so happy with all the flat places I had to work on.  Well, anything that is horizontal and clear does not stay that way for long. I keep collecting items that I want to sun dye, and the pile gets higher and higher..

Off to hem my hubby's jeans, you say that is not creative, hummm, would be if I added patterned fabric to the end..  NO!


  1. Now that is a real beauty! I think your relatives will smile and love you anyway. Go for it girl.

    1. Thank you Caroline, it was a topic of conversation as the art show this evening.. it is fun!

  2. Love the arty hair! And I'll bet you'll be a hit with the aunties, too. They might even ask you to take them to the salon for some updated locks.


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