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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Towers of Tuscany- book suggestion

In this world of Computers, it sometimes can get very frustrating. So stepping away and reading a book sometimes brings us down to earth or takes us away from earth.  This book might have been a freebee or not expensive on Kindle.

It is about a female artist in Italy, in the a time when women painters were not accepted.  A woman was told by the husband what to do and just run the household. Along with the who to marry and have lots of sons. Thankfully, those traditions are not today in our country.

It also reminded me of the poisons in so many of the paints, and it tells how they were mixed and how they had assistants that just ground the paints.  It is well written, although I was hoping for a happy ending and instead got a surprise ending.  I am not one to read the end first and so enjoy the build up.

All through this book I kept feeling so very blessed that we live in the U.S.A., that we are free to paint and do just what we want, to enjoy seeing a variety of styles, to know that the paints we work with are tested for safety.

 Reading this book also made me think that there are women in other countries that still have issues with signing a female name to art work and others that live under male domination.  Just a little food for thought and lots of gratitude.
Off to the studio.

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