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Friday, February 27, 2015

Graffiti Cauliflower Post Card, Postmarkd'art

You might remember I enjoy making fabric postcards and have been with the Postmarkd'art on line group for a long time. It is challenging to make a postcard for a theme.  We vote and pick many ideas, and then each person decides how many Themes they want to make.  There is a deadline, of course.
The greatest gift has been the wonderful ladies I have met from all over the world. The postcards have been amazing. It is a wonderful way to try new products, and of course, the sharing of ideas is one of the many benefits.
This theme, I choose Vegetables. And thought, what will I do for this Theme.

 My hubby and I were at a fruit and veggie market, and saw this wonderful gathering of Cauliflower. Some were the white, but what attracted me, were the purple and the orange, called Graffiti. And then there are the Broccoli crossed with the Cauliflower. It looks like a strange pointy green  outer space sort of veggie.
I photographed, transferred the photos to fabric, added other fabrics, and now have them addressed to go out in to the world.. Because several are going to the UK, and I put a little metal leaf on them, I am putting a clear plastic sleeve on them.

Hope the gals enjoy them.  

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Grocery or Shopping Bags and a give away, Sierra Mountain Quilters Asso.

When you are in a guild, and you have an idea for a Challenge, can you guess what happens?
You have the gift of putting that Challenge together.  Starting at the meeting on Feb.5th. come and see more ideas.

 I thought since Calif. is on a no plastic grocery bag law starting in July, this would be a great challenge..  here I am, in the studio.

What better way to start by sorting through some fabric that has not been used in some project. I did not want to start going through the UFO boxes, however, that could have accommodated this project also.  Besides loving horses, what did I think I would make with this fabric.

I was silly enough to think it would be faster if I just made the bag,
instead of looking up a free pattern or running the 15 miles to town and Bear Paw. They have patterns available.  I spent more time trying to figure out how to do the handles and work out the lining etc.

So you see the end result, now do you think I am going to put groceries in that, I even lined it! Maybe, my knitting.   I love the bag.

 This is a New Year, and here is my thought, Do you like that fabric? I have some left over.

I thought that if you like it and make a comment on this blog, I would send three ladies a piece of the fabric that has two horses on it, and a piece of the border fabric..  You would have to add the extras to make this bag, or what ever you would like to make. Be sure to send me a photo to post.

I have seen blogs that give away fabric, but this is my first. I will take the names in order, and then use the random number generator. Sorry, this is only for the continental U.S.A. Shipping costs are too much for over seas. I only have three packets, so not everyone gets a packet of fabric.

Let me know what you think and if you would like a little bundle of fabric for your stash/ bag project.  I will post the winner on Valentines,, Feb. 14th..
 Deadline is Feb. 13th.
Look forward to hearing from you..
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