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Monday, January 19, 2015

2015, Long List, Clean-up, Organize, Ha!

We all set goals for the New Year, well maybe not all of us, but I try. I am getting the "piecing" bug, something I really don't do very often.

I started in one small area of the studio, very small area, and  looked through the mess, sorting as I went.
 You all know about this if you have a studio or not, there is always something in a mess somewhere, it might be your closet or your kitchen.

I found some plastic bags stuck in a corner, pulled them out and what did I find, but some exchange friendship blocks. Some from eons ago.

How can I consolidate, make 3 UFO's into one wall hanging. I also took another class from Charlotte Rogers on Creating your Personal Face in Fabric. this is the second time I have taken the class because we enjoy her so much, and she is an informative teacher.  It is great fun, with lots of laughter as we combed through the fabrics.

My initial idea was to put lots of my separated earring parts on the piece also.. What do you do with earrings you don't wear any more?
This was going to be my way of clearing that out also.

In putting the different blocks up, I noticed that maybe just maybe I can somehow, make all the blocks and the Personal Portrait into one "art" piece, wall hanging.

And so it hangs in my studio, now to find my sewing machine! What did I put that under?


  1. What to do with those ear-rings? Start doing Crazy Quilting, and use your unwanted jewellery to embellish the blocks! As for tidying....bah humbug!! I did just that a few days back, then I went looking for my acrylic paints for Gelli printing . After 8 years of being returned to the same place, I re located them! It took me two days of hunting to find them!

  2. Thank you Maureene, I love doing crazy quilting, and I have more than enough "stuff", will give that some thought.

  3. Haha! I can understand misplacing almost anything else, but not a sewing machine. You are too funny. I need to find some matte medium this weekend. It will probably be easier to buy another bottle...

  4. I agree, go for the purchase of Matte Medium. Spent part of the trip to Fresno walking through Michael's and Joannes, knew there was something I needed but could not find it or remember. But added steps to my Fitbit , and that was more fun walking than in the house.


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