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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Checkbook cover

 I had scraps of fabric laying on my work area.  My check book cover was looking pretty
ratty.  The flannel from the other project was handy.  As long as I was doing small items,
do it and get them done!

Not thinking to make a set.   Reason, when looking in my bag, I would be pulling both out when I only needed one. So now I can focus on which is which. Yes, I know it is a different size from the Gallery Flyer Cover.

Sure that you ladies know what I mean,  I focus on color when digging through my purse.

 I looked on the net to see if there was another way to make it, dimensions etc.

There were several free examples when I Googled a fabric check book cover... It fits a bit tight, so the next time I think I will just use the check book I use and follow that for my dimensions.
Another project that I have been putting off, done!
Wow, am on a roll.
What next?

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Gallery Flyers Cover, for my purse.

Oh, Yes, I should be working on another project. BUT.
I have been carrying these art and gallery flyers in my purse to hand out. I kept them in an envelope. Well, you know how that goes, every thing gets rumpled.

Put two pieces of fabric with some flannel in between.

Use the cards and the envelope  for the dimensions and add some extra room.
I have tons of double bias tape. What could be easier.
Quilt the two pieces together first, and sew the bias tape to both tops.

Then fold it, again using the flyers for size, add the Bias Tape to the end, and turn under the raw edges at the end.  I added Velcro to the center and later decided I really needed it on the ends also, so it would not curl in my purse.

Peanuts makes it nice and cheery.
Easy to find in my purse.
Do you have something in your purse, that could use a cover?

Next my check book.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 2, 2014, SNOW

April started out Cold and Blustery.  I had to work at Timberline Gallery that day, and I am not much on driving mountain roads with snow so my hubby drove..  Did not want you to think I was driving and taking photos at the same time. A little snow on the hills as we drove toward Oakhurst.

 A little more  beauty as we got higher in the mountains.  The air was crisp and fantastic.

The view from the top of Deadwood.  Our decent into Oakhurst was all clear.

The clouds came in later, and it turned cold again.  All the snow was gone in the morning.

No, snow or rain on the horizon and hot expected for the next several weeks.  Great for starting a garden, but as the "old timers in the mountains say, we could still have snow and cold rain, until Mothers Day."
We need the rain.

I love Spring, Fall, and Winter. Summer is a little hot.
What is your favorite Season?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

SAQA- "Mystery Mountain"

Finished and in the mail.   I like to plan but sometimes ideas don't come fast enough, or I can't find the right fabric.  OR..... Like many things, best laid plans etc.
Not an excuse, just Life, a little reality.

So today while I am getting some teeth fixed, Ralph is off to Fed X.  At least he is not at the dentist.

I would rather be going to the post and not in the dentist chair, but we all need some "work" periodically. 
"Mystery Mountain" is made with hand dyes, and hand painted fabrics, along with the batiks, and free motion quilting. Hope you like it. Living near Yosemite makes mountain scenes special for us.

SAQA has a site on Pinterest, please stop in and see the wonderful 2014 pieces that will be going up for auction.  My piece is not up yet, because they have to photograph it.  Check the exhibits. We are always encouraging quilt lovers and quilt artists to join. There are many opportunities to expand ideas and creativity.

There are some amazing pieces on the site, and will be great fun when the auction starts.

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