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Thursday, March 27, 2014

I won a Book

 This is exciting, I won Acrylic Solutions by Chris Cozen and Julie Prichard.  Lisa offered this book on her blog, and I thought why not try for it... Wow, what a book, all sorts fantastic ideas.

I am not working in acrylics that often, but the ideas in this book are stimulating my "brush" in hand thoughts again of painting, but I can do this on cloth also.

There is so much more to acrylics than when I started to paint, eons ago. The variety is amazing, types of paints, colors, brushes, water spraying, use of stencils, pens, adding structure. 
Wow,  just looks at the intense colors. This is exciting!

Thank you so very much Lisa!  Click on her name and you will see what is next on her list!
You might win something also.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Bless-Prayer Flag

Sometimes you want to make something with lots of meaning for a special friend. And that was the way it was last week.  I felt that this friend really needed a big hug, and they don't live in the area. 

Thank goodness for "Prayer Flags". 

I made this after the technique shared by Jamie Fingal.  I used Misty Fuse, cutting out flowers and birds from various fabrics, ironing them on to my hand dyed fabric.  I stenciled and colored the lettering. Free motion quilting, added some buttons and a little tag I found at Joanne's, that says, " Made For You", and put a label on the back after mounting the whole piece on wool felt.

I have made other Prayer Flags, but not with the felt. My others I put on a string in the yard, but I feel the flags that are backed with felt, should probably stay in the house. 
 I am slow, it took me two days to complete it, looking for fabrics, deciding on what I would do, 
and getting distracted.

I hope she enjoys it and this lets her know that her friends know that she will be just fine.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

No, Not Halloween, Yet.

 When we have a special birthday, we should celebrate in a special way. So a decision was made to give our dear friend a "block"..  Nothing like another unfinished project!..   So I searched through my bins of scraps.. But first....  Went to a guild meeting and Sharon Templeton, the Chaotic Quilter was giving a trunk show. She rightfully said, Bits and Pieces, instead of Scraps and to look through our INVENTORY... Now there is something important sounding about the word inventory instead of STASH... But I digress.  ( By the way she had us laughing, and her quilts are beautiful. Her message, Have FUN, I agree),

Our friend loves Spiders at Halloween, not sure about other times, but we shall indulge her.
It must be the timing, because on my Om email today it said: "The feminine energy of spiders reminds us that we have the ability to weave our lives into strong beautiful works of art."

So I set everything aside, and proceeded with the block, after all there is a calling from the computer world. Turn the computer off and don't pull up Pinterest. Talk about addictive!

I dug through my "Inventory" and found some Halloween fabric, and an Orange backing piece.
Printed the saying on Organza, and proceeded to cut apart the pieces to create the block design.
I mounted it all with Mistyfuse.

That is two items done in a couple of days.. I am on a roll!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring is Coming- White buds bursting

 Isn't Spring Amazing !

 When we planted trees, we tried to keep in mind, color, grasses and seasons.

White is the color of the moment, the yellows are fading, the pinks are next..
Every plant is happy with the little rain we have had, each are singing their song,
even the weeds!

Today is one of those days, where the sky is an intense color of blue, and the breeze is just cool enough for a light jacket.

Breath deeply and enjoy the moment.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Color and Travel- Timberline

 Here in the mountains, it feels like Spring is in the air.. but we really need more rain.

Our special show of small art at Timberline is the focus on several walls. I love Chickens and Roosters. Look at the wonderful colors, and Poppies, a sure sign of Spring coming.  These are delightful small pieces that can cheer you up and you will enjoy the beauty around you.

 In contrast, on another wall, the feel of Africa.  Are you taking a trip or would like to this summer?
Can't afford it?  You can get into the mood with this collection of creations by our local artists.
I  feel like drumming and dancing..
How do you feel? 

No, blog readers, I don't have any art in these photos, but come to the gallery and you will find out who made these.

I  hear that the small figure by Julie Mitchell just sold.. But we have others.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

"Sunset in the Mountains"

"Sunset in the Mountains".

I had a request from a friend for one of my Fabric postcards.
"Sunset in the Mountains" is made with my hand dyed fabrics, and I added blue netting with sparkles for the water.
Yarn and ribbon outlines the mountains. Machine quilting and ribbon on the edge for finishing.

The themes I have chosen for Postmark'dart this year are:
 Sheep, Image by Carving a Stamp, and the 3 & 7 of Clubs, we are doing the whole deck of cards. I already have a Deck of Hearts.

I just checked my binders, and I have  participated with Postmarkd'art since 2006.
It is not just the exchange of postcards, it is the friendships that also keep us together.
Many have gone through really tough times, and we share a bit of that, but our focus is on sending out wonderful, imaginative, beautifully constructed fabric postcards.

You can see the postcards on Postmarkd'art. We have also shared our studio photos, take a look at some of the studios where the art is made.

 Check us out!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hearts are for every day

I decided to try a new technique, and I needed something for the New Show at Timberline. 
It changes out today.

You can have Valentines every day.

Just think Love, of people, mankind, or women kind.

Anything your little heart desires.

Ok, you want to know how I made it?

I drew a heart approx. 12 in" on  white fabric, cut it in half,
Cut strips of reds and pinks etc. Varying the sizes.
Did a flip and sew of each side,  sewed them together, ironing, of course, as I go.
Cleaned up the edges, added Fusible to the back, pressed it on black felt, carefully, so as not to burn the wool felt. Zig, zaged the edges down.
Trimmed, added the buttons, and hanger.
This would make a nice gift for someone that is ill, or a thank you,
or what ever you wish to say.. Next time I might put some words on the 

Enjoy each day and celebrate.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Every Day is Valentines- Timberline Gallery

Everyday is Valentines Day at Timberline Gallery, in Oakhurst.  From small art to larger pieces.
I won't list everything, you must come in and see for yourself. 

All art is original, beautiful and touches the heart.
Give yourself a Valentine and come in for a visit.

New Small Art Show going up today, Monday March 3.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Inspiration, what now?

 We were on our way to meet some friends and came across a herd of cows in the field.
And suddenly this came to mind.

Deep brown earth, 
Golden hills and grey sky, 
Slight haze adds mystery to the early morning.
A lone black cow munches quietly in the cold.
Oh, baby with your white face, what are your thoughts for the day?

And what are your thoughts.. Are yours as silly as mine?

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